Digital Journal

The Best Citizen Journalist Site for World News

Digital Journal is a Toronto-based website that offers global digital media news that has been delivered by citizen journalists from around 250 countries. Reporters from Greece will report first hand from its faltering economy and protests against austerity measure. Nigerian citizen journalists will report on the unrest happening in the north of the country. Australian citizen journalists report from the heart of where several natural disasters including floods and bush fires have formed. Both professional and amateur contributions of high quality make Digital Journal the best journalism site.

A Broad Range of Topics From Around the World

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Digital Journal’s front page.


Digital Journal doesn’t simply send its own staff overseas to report of the world’s media happenings; it already has them in place. If the staff in Toronto wake up to find a story breaking about an earthquake in New Zealand, they will most likely email any citizen journalists based in that region. They’ll proceed to ask if they would like to report it and post to Digital Journal.

Citizen journalists are encouraged to take images and interview any local authorities. This makes the reports even more appealing. You can see a whole list of other news events from the environmental section as well. All in all, there are 17 separate news categories including: the arts, religion, business, science, and technology, among others.

Digital Journal’s Philosophy

If there’s news, Digital Journal will have it covered.

In addition, there’s a blog featured on the news media site, so almost anyone in the world can add images and storylines. There’s the potential for user content to be read by thousands. Every news article written by a citizen journalist can be shared on social media like Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

A section on Odd News covers strange and wacky events that have occurred around the globe. The site lists the top stories trending at the moment by popularity and has become a great way for anyone who fancies themselves a budding journalist to get recognized.

The requirements are only that you have a good command of the English language and can write in a style that the editors demand. It is also handy if you have a nice digital camera for taking images of anything noteworthy. In addition to all this, Digital Journal also provides magazine features, such as hot reviews on all the latest technological gadgets and new items coming up for sale. For all these reasons, Digital Journal is the best journalism site on the internet.

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