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Name: SlickDeals
Type: Deals Forum

SlickDeals is the best deals forum mainly due to its incredibly large community and adequate deal rating system.

SlickDeals is Home to the Internet's Deal Finders
Home to the best deal finders on the internetReally good deals are easy to find
Interface is slightly confusing
90%Best Deals Forum
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SlickDeals.net is one of my favorite websites. I was introduced to it by one of my friends who is absolutely addicted to scouring the net for hot deals and coupons. Needless to say, he has done the filtering for us – this website is without a doubt the best deals forum.

SlickDeals Homepage

A look at SlickDeals’ homepage

Right around the same time he introduced me to the website, he also gave me a warning:

SlickDeals will make you spend money, not save money.

This warning was 100% correct. I immediately began charging up my cards with purchases of things I had no use for, like a pool water filter for instance. I don’t even have a pool. I was just addicted to buying ridiculously low-priced items from SlickDeals.

How Does SlickDeals Work?

The site relies primarily on user generated content. Once deals are submitted, registered users can give each deal or coupon a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Based on the ratings, SlickDeals shows a rating out of 5 thumbs ups. In this way, SlickDeals shows you the best of the best deals.

On the home page, you’ll see the editor’s picks of posts with a lot of good ratings and comments. The slickest of those sell out quickly. You can then browse by category or scroll through Popular Deals (deals with a lot of ratings and comments) or Hot Deals (which are posts on the rise).

SlickDeals has a lot of features that make its’ power users feel at home. For example, they offer the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for deals of your choice. You can do a search for something you are looking for and then subscribe to that RSS to get deals on that item as soon as they come out.

What Makes SlickDeals the Best Deals Forum?

Their community is the largest deal-finding community on the internet. Their global Alexa rank is in the top 500 globally and their US rank is in the top 100.Alexa This makes SlickDeals one of the most visited websites on the internet.

Other websites simply can not compete with SlickDeals. Their community is just too large and powerful. One deal forum called FatWallet.com seperates itself from SlickDeals by also offering a cash-back program. However, they are fading out and referring new users to Ebates instead (another cash back website). Some users might prefer Ebates instead of SlickDeals since it offers both coupons and cash back. However, to really get the best deals, you should use a combination of SlickDeals and Ebates.

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