Mailinator: The Best Disposable E-Mail Service

Get a Temporary E-Mail Address from Mailinator

Too many websites require you to give your e-mail address to access site features. Even we ask for an e-mail address during our registration process. Put simply, websites want their users to be subscribed to a lifetime of traffic-boosting e-mail newsletters. The majority of us, however, don’t want any part of that.

One way you can get around giving up your personal e-mail address is to use a disposable e-mail service. There are handfuls of these services available across the web. They even have software you can install on your own server to run your own disposable e-mail service. However, to save a bit of time, it is important to use the best disposable e-mail service.

Mailinator: The Best Disposable E-Mail Service

Mailinator is easily the best disposable e-mail service. Although their interface is ridden with spammy upsells to their premium service, they offer the best disposable e-mail service. Mailinator allows you to select any e-mail address with the domain (e.g. They also offer 100s of other domains to choose from. They don’t publish the whole list but you can see one at a time, dynamically populated on the home page.

Mailinator's Homepage
A look at Mailinator’s homepage

Once you select an e-mail on the home page, you are brought to your disposable inbox. If you send your disposable e-mail address a test message, it will show up automatically in your inbox on Mailinator without having to refresh the page. Your test message will be automatically deleted after a couple hours. Most competing services work in the same way.

But What Makes Mailinator the Best Disposable E-Mail Service?

Mailinator seperates itself from the rest of the pack by offering advanced features. For starters, you can select the exact e-mail address you want to use each time. Many other services do not offer this feature (e.g. It is useful for cases where you forgot your password to a site or any occasion where you have to use the same inbox on two different occasions.

They also offer integration features. You can grab the RSS of e-mail box. You can also integrate Mailinator with Slack.

Their paid plan might appeal to some. It is primarily for e-mail testers. With the plan, you will be able to use the service on a custom domain, keep the e-mails saved, and use their API.