Best Invoicing App for Freelancers

Wave: The Best Invoicing App for Freelancers

If you are looking for the best invoicing app for freelancers then chances are you have tried Freshbooks. It seems to be the most widely talked about invoicing software on the internet. If you have not tried it, we can save you time by telling you about the best invoicing app for freelancers. That, my friend, is Wave. It is everything you imagine a simple, awesome invoicing app being. Not only does it support invoicing with payments directly connected to your bank account, it also has simple accounting features. The price for all this: nothing, it is a completely free web app. They make money through their accountant referral service and their payroll module.

An Overview of Wave’s Invoicing System

First, let’s talk a little bit more about the invoicing and payment feature. You can create, send, and track nearly white-label invoices (there’s a little Wave logo at the bottom that’s barely noticeable and you can brand the invoices with your own logo). You can then set up payment reminders with a few checkbox clicks. Their invoices make it easy for your clients to make payments.

The invoices are sent via e-mail which link the client to a webpage unique to that client and invoice. At the webpage, the client can make a payment, print the invoice, or grab a PDF of the invoice.

What Their Invoices Look Like

Request Payment Wave
Landing page that is unique for each invoice. It allows easy payment by your client.

The invoices that are sent by e-mail look nearly identical to the webpage version of the invoice. They allow you to upload your logo and do minor customization to the invoice format. It ends up looking looking great once you customize the invoice color to match your logo.

Example Invoice
Example webpage version of an invoice (the e-mail version looks nearly identical)

You can also set up recurring invoices. This is useful if you charge your customers on a monthly basis. Other features include estimates and account statements (overall overviews of the client’s account).

More Features: Bills, Receipts, Accounting, Reports, and Payroll

Wave is not just the best invoicing app for freelancers. It is a bit more than that. The software supports bill and receipt management. The bill module is very simple. Sadly, it does not support recurring bills. You can, however, upload receipts using their mobile apps. The apps use image recognition to convert your receipts into data automatically.

The accounting feature is also very simple. Freelancers who took an accounting course might enjoy it though. Wave also offers reports. You can get a balance sheet where your costs are subtracted from your total income, see your total sales tax, and more.

If you have employees and you want to use their payroll service you will have to cough up a measly $19/month.

So why aren’t the critics raving about Wave? No idea.