Recipes with High Resolution Pictures

Gojee: Meet the Future, Recipes with High Resolution Pictures

Gojee launched in 2011 offering recipes with high resolution pictures in the background (Source: TechCrunch). Later, they started offering drink recipes too. Their website was an instant success. With their success, it is no surprise that they recently decided to include a Heels, Bags, Dresses, Lingerie, and Jewelry section too (Source: GigaOM). Their success can be credited to the unique and simple way they offer users to to personalize the results they get.

Recipes with High Resolution Pictures

They get recipes with high resolution pictures from top food blogs such as Steamy Kitchen and Easy Peasy Organic. Gojee’s recipes with high resolution pictures will make you want everything. They feature both food and beverage recipes. From Cornbread Piled with Carnitas to Poison Apple Punch, this might be a website that makes you fat.

Gojee delivers recipes with high resolution pictures using a slick design without that over-bloated feel most recipe websites have. Gojee does come with one drawback. There is not a strong search function. This is due to the way Gojee works. The way Gojee works is similar to the way StumbleUpon works – you like or dislike things until Gojee knows exactly what you like.

Search for Recipes by Ingredients You Like (or Dislike)

You can specify the ingredients you have, dislike or like, and crave. Gojee will then select the perfect recipes with high resolution pictures for you. The one drawback to this feature is you can only do one at a time. If you are looking for a recipe website that you can enter all the ingredients in your pantry and be provided with recipes, Gojee ain’t it. Not yet, at least.

Browse through Dresses, Heels, Jewelry, and Bags by Color

Recipes with high resolution pictures is not the only thing Gojee does well. In other sections you can also specify the color you are looking for. This works in sections like the Heels, Dresses, Jewelry, and Bags sections. Again, you can only select one at a time. So if you are a looking for a green necklace, there is currently no way of doing that with Gojee.

Create a Picture Wall of Your Favorite Recipes

After logging in, you can start saving your favorite recipes and items. You can log in to do this using Google or Facebook. Your favorites are saved to your Gojee wall, a beautiful wall displaying the pictures for all your favorite items. At this point in time, it is not possible to share your wall with anyone. Also, each wall is seperate so you have a wall for each section. For instance, dresses will not show up on the food wall.