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Facebook: Best Social Media Site by Default

If you somehow haven’t heard of Netflix, Reddit, Patreon, or Evernote, chances are you’ve still heard of Facebook. You’re probably on Facebook right now, in some form. When talking about social networks, there really is only one option for those who want to stay connected with most people they know. Almost everyone is on Facebook. There are actually more than 1.6 billion users on Facebook as of March 31st, 2016. This is the biggest reason Facebook is the best social network, but not the only reason.

What Makes Facebook So Special?

Best Social Network
Facebook on Facebook.

Facebook is basically its own internet, all contained within one website. You can browse news stories, check out trending videos, and join communities based around your favorite properties and people. Facebook’s real draw is the ability to connect with friends from around the world. You can chat, share photos and videos (individually or with all your friends), as well as fill out your profile for everyone or no one to see. People spend so much time on Facebook that it becomes a catastrophe any time the site goes down.

Facebook Is Completely Free

Best Social Network
The generic Facebook profile, ready to be filled out.

The number of websites that have a premium service increases yearly. Facebook continues to dismiss that trend and continues to be completely free. There are always rumors that Facebook will charge users, but they never come to fruition. Even so, some people prefer not to use Facebook, or do so with extreme caution. Being the best social network does come with its own risks.

Is My Information Safe?

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Does Facebook really care about your privacy or is it all about profit and marketing brands?

Facebook has been the center of a number of controversies over the years. The biggest complaints have revolved around user privacy. A recent criticism stemmed from Facebook’s ability to recognize users’ faces from the photos they posted. Is this really a problem? With privacy becoming less of an issue and people giving up anonymity online, Facebook isn’t the only site to err in this area.