Best Photo Sharing Site

Best Photo Sharing Site, a Delight for Photographers (with 12 Awesome Pics)

Flickr, the Only Good Thing Yahoo has to Offer

Flickr may just be the best photo sharing site. The service, which is owned by Yahoo, serves as a medium for both amateur and professional photographers to share their pictures online. However, Yahoo did not always own Flickr. Yahoo purchased the best photo sharing site from Ludicorp just one year after the website creation in 2004.Wikipedia Yahoo is particularly proud of their acquisition. They even tag their logo onto the Flickr logo.

You are immersed in an active community where people share and explore photos. In 2011, Flickr’s database included over 6 billion images, albeit Facebook gets 6 billion images every 2 months. However, Flickr sets itself apart from other photo sharing sites with its enthusiastic and talented user base. Active discussions, image descriptions, and even recipes are just the start at the best photo sharing site.

Finding Great Pictures is Incredibly Easy

There are a handful of features that solidify Flickr’s position as the best photo sharing site. The site offers multiple ways of finding pictures. You can use the site’s social networking features to connect with your friend’s photo galleries, browse through groups (which are user-generated collections of pictures), or explore using various features that Flickr has implemented to make finding pictures more enjoyable.

Perhaps the most notable feature Flickr provides is the World Map feature. With it, you are presented with a map along with pictures pinned to the map so you can see exactly where photos were taken. You can also browse through The Commons (for royalty-free photos) or simply browse through the latest photos (which are sorted by the number of times people have added the photo to their favorites).

Flickr’s World Map Feature Screenshot

Flickr World Map Screenshot

Power Users Have to Pay to Use the Best Photo Sharing Site

You get enough free space to host hundreds of photos or can pay $24.95/year for unlimited and unrestricted use. With the paid service, you will be able to upload an unlimited amount of photos and Flickr will host high-resolution photos for you. Free users will only be able to display their 200 most recent picture uploads, will have their uploads capped at 300MB per month, and users will only be able to see low-resolution versions of photos.Flickr Limits

12 Flickr Pictures That Caught Our Eye

The following gallery features twelve pictures from Flickr that caught our eye. Some of these pictures are well-praised on Flickr since they are featured in picture groups with titles like Highly Competitive – Flickr’s 100 Best, However, most of them were found easily just by browsing through the most recent uploads. Click any picture to open a full screen picture gallery.

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