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Livestrong's traffic rank is 1,819 globally

Livestrong is brought to us by the Livestrong foundation. The foundation is one that Lance Armstrong helped to start. The foundation aims to support cancer patients (at Livestrong.org) and offer tools to help people eat healthy, get in shape, and stay healthy (at Livestrong.com). Livestrong.com is without a doubt the best fitness website. And Livestrong.org may be one of the best websites for cancer patients.

Where Livestrong Money Goes

Infographic showing how the Livestrong foundation allocates their donations.

The foundation was originally called the Lance Armstrong foundation but was renamed after Lance Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour De France titles following a doping scandal. Even though donations to the foundation sky-rocketed after Lance decided to stop fighting the doping charges, WSJ reports that donations are now drying up. Nevertheless, the foundation is still receiving an enormous amount of donations. In 2012, ESPN reported that the foundation has received over $470 million since its inception in 1997. With a bank like that, it should be no surprise that the Livestrong foundation delivers us high quality health-minded websites.

Not all of their donation money goes to their website services. They say that 82% of the funds they have received have gone directly to support programs for survivors of cancer. On the Livestrong.org website (which is the main home of the Livestrong foundation), you can find things like advice to cancer patients, job openings in the Livestrong organization, and ways to get involved in cancer-support events.

More About the Best Fitness Website

Livestrong.com is another fork of the Livestrong brand and is arguably the best fitness website. In their own words, they say that:

LIVESTRONG.COM is the definitive destination for those who want to build their own healthy living success story. We believe that everyone should feel empowered through food, fitness, and inspiration to pursue their best life because eating well and staying active are critical components in preventing cancer and fighting other illnesses.

They offer articles about eating healthy in their Food section. You can find articles with titles like “The Best Anti-Aging Foods,” “5 Hidden Benefits of Alcohol,” and, “Food for Your Brain“. In other sections, such as the Fitness section and the Health section, you can find articles with titles like, “10 Push-Up Varitions for a Stronger Body,” and “Are you Sabotaging Your Sleep?” You can also find articles on weight loss and lifestyle. They even feature a section for bloggers.

Livestrong Homepage Screenshot, Best Fitness Website

Screenshot of the Livestrong.com homepage.

Best Exercise/Calorie Counter Available

Livestrong.com offers interactive features such as a Community Section and a calorie counter that they call MyPlate. Their calorie counter is perhaps the best calorie counter available. It has everything you need to reach your diet and fitness goals. It is one of the most polished, fully-featured calorie counters. You can track the food you eat with it and the calorie counter will provide you loads of useful metrics about your diet. You can even track your exercise. Better yet, the calorie counter is available for every cell phone operating system.

MyPlate Calorie Counter Features

  • Track calories
  • Track excercise
  • Get nutritionist-approved meal plans
  • Chart your progress with interactive graphs and tools
  • Stay motivated with daily coaching and tips

They have a few more interactive tools too. If you are an iPhone user, you can check out their “quit smoking” app. If you have diabetes, you can use their MyPlate D service which is a version of their calorie counter tailored for diabetes users.

MyPlate D Features

  • Glucose tracking
  • Insulin usage tracking
  • Personalized charts
  • Nutritionist-approved diabetic recipes
  • Glucose level monitoring
  • Plus all the features of regular MyPlate service
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