Best Site for Cheap Computer Parts: Newegg

Newegg is an electronics retailer that is dedicated to providing cheap computer parts and consumer electronics. The website is featured on MakeUseOf’s editorial titled The Best Websites On The Internet. At Newegg, you can find products ranging from drones to laptops to motherboards. The site competes with internet giants like Amazon by specializing in electronics and buying in bulk.

Newegg Homepage: A Gateway to Cheap Computer Parts
A peak at Newegg’s homepage

Build Your Own PC With Newegg

With a little technical know-how, you can use Newegg to buy individual parts and build your own PC. They sell all the parts you need. To really get the best-value cheap computer parts, you should purchase some refurbished parts from them. Some PC enthusiasts might even use Newegg to build a water-cooled PC.

Water Cooled PC
Picture of a water-cooled PC

Newegg is on the rise too. The company recently opened a hybrid business center in Canada.BusinessWire As the term hybrid suggests, the business center is dual-purpose. Customers can pick up orders from the center and also explore the latest technology or attend an educational seminar.

Amazon Has Cheap Computer Parts Too

In a price comparison on one of the latest Intel processors, the 6700k, we found that Amazon actually beat Newegg in terms of price. The processor was $349.99 on Newegg but $345.99 on Amazon. However, Newegg offers combination discounts to those who purchase bundle deals (a processor and a motherboard for instance). Also, at Newegg, you can get cash back to make the deal even sweeter by using sites like EBates that offer a cash back service (1% in Newegg’s case).

Amazon is a good go-to because they have consistently low prices and great customer service but Newegg might hold a little more value if you take advantage of combination deals and cash back. However, to really get the best deals, you should monitor a deal site like and purchase cheap computer parts like that. If you do so, you will notice that Newegg will consistently be featured on for their special deals.

Return Policy is No Bueno

Sadly, Newegg’s return policy is less than stellar. For instance, an opened laptop product that is returned will cost the consumer 25% of the laptop’s value (view Newegg’s Restocking Fees). For this reason, if you are a purchasing an item that is likely to be returned, it is recommended that you use a site other than Newegg.

Some Newegg enthusiasts get around the restocking fee by opting for Newegg Premier which costs $49.99/year and includes features like free expedited shipping and no restocking fee.