Best GPS Running App

Endomondo, a Must-Use for Fitness Buffs

Endomondo is a fitness tracking service that connects a feature-rich web interface with their GPS powered sport tracking app. Their service has been written about by Lifehacker, TheNextWeb, and even The Huffington Post. They target activities such as biking, running, and any other sport that could benefit from GPS-tracking technology. It is a personal trainer app for your smart phone and connects with their web app so you can track your exercises. You can also see all sorts of useful metrics about your exercise routines such as the distance traveled, calories burned, and a map of exactly where you went. Their feature-rich service is what makes them the best GPS runing app.

They feature integration with Facebook and Google+ which makes it easy to share your workouts with your friends. When you share your workouts, friends and fitness buffs can “cheer” you. Cheering is a way of spreading motivation.

Endomondo Homepage Screenshot
Screenshot of the Endomondo homepage – the web interface to the best GPS running app.

Challenge Yourself with the Best GPS Running App

For the competitive types, there is also a feature that lets you challenge yourself and your friends. You can also take a public challenge. Public challenges range from competitions to see who can log the most miles (e.g. the Forrest Gump Challenge of 2014) to burning 500 calories a day every day in March.

You are provided with tools that help you analyze your workout. Based on your body weight, age, and sex the service keeps track of how many calories you are burning. You can also use their website to get maps of your workouts, calendars with the days you exercised, and charts detailing your speed/elevation level during your work out. Using cardio exercise tracking software is a must for any fitness buffs who are trying to get the most out of their exercises.

Endomondo Map Example
Screenshot of Endomondo’s mapping feature which allows you to see exactly where you went during your workout.
Endomondo Chart Example
Screenshot of chart showing speed versus elevation for a tracked exercise.

Their large user base is another reason why they are the best GPS running app. In an article at TechCrunch, they reported that Endomondo has over 10 million active users and that an average of 250 thousand workouts are tracked each day.

For power users, Endomondo offers a premium subscription. It costs $29.99/year or $3.99/month. With it, you no longer have to deal with advertisements and you get access to advanced tools such as:

  • Heart rate zone analysis (track your heart rate during your workout)
  • Workout comparison (allows you to compare yourself to other users)
  • Personal best history
  • Weather information
  • Stepcounter
  • Custom audio coach
  • More interactive charts

Although you have to pay to unlock all their features, the service is still top-tier even without the premium subscription features. Endomondo gives us a powerful new means of tracking our exercises. Even if you are an amateur athlete, Endomondo gives you a set a tools that will help you exercise better and push yourself harder. Their powerful web interface seamlessly integrates with their app making it the best GPS running app.