Best How To Videos


How-to videos for everything

Howcast provides instructional how-to videos. Howcast pays its filmmakers $50 and 50% of the advertising revenue generated from the video (so long as it generates over 40,000 views). Howcast currently has over 100,000 how-to videos in its library. It works alongside partners such as Playboy, Nestle, and even the US Department of State. Howcast describes itself as having the “best how-to videos on the web”. We agree.

Learn how to make the best coffee

Featured on the homepage you might see an article like “How to Make the Best Coffee“. Go to the article and you are brought to a comprehensive guide. You will see how-to videos describing how to make a mocha, how to make an Americano, and tons more.

Learn how to read body language

If learning how to make the best coffee does not interest you, you should not dismiss Howcast yet. Another guide we enjoy is titled “How to Read Body Language“. They start basic with a video titled “What Is Body Language?” Then they advance through more complex topics such as “How to Tell if Someone is Attracted to You by Their Eyes“. In this fashion, Howcast tackles a wide range of how-to topics. Howcast does this better than any other how-to website.