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Looking for a new job and don’t know what to ask for salary wise? Trying to find out what others in your profession are making? Glassdoor, arguably the best website for salary information, can solve your problems for you.

The site categorizes salary information by job title, company, and location. They also have a job board and an interview information section.

Best Website for Salary Information Submitted by Anonymous Users

The salary information is supplied by Glassdoor’s users. Glassdoor locks some of its’ data until you supply some of your current salary information. In this way, they build their database. What’s great about their salary information is that you can browse by company and location. So if you’re applying for a web developer position at Google in New York City, you’ll be able to find that exact salary information. You can even find information on benefits.

Best Website for Salary Information

Finding salary information on web developers at Google in New York City

Glassdoor aggregates all this information by locking some of the site’s information until users submit salary information, interview information, or a review. Once submitted, Glassdoor’s team manually approves the information before it is visible on the website. Some people complain about this system. Other people claim that Glassdoor salary information is $6k-$10k less than offered salaries.Reddit

Glassdoor Search

You can also search for general salary information.

More About Their Job Board and Interview Information Section

The job board is, for the most part, your typical job board. They do supplement job postings with information from their database including average salaries and company rating for the position you may be applying to.

Their interview information section is a particularly useful section. In this section, you will be able to find general information about interviews and also exact questions that were asked during interviews. Need to prep for an interview? Glassdoor is one place you should check in at.

Keep in mind that Glassdoor is just one of many sites where you should do salary research. You should also check out Salary.com, Indeed.com, and PayScale.com. In our research, Indeed.com salaries seemed to be the most accurate.

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Type: Job Board and Salary Information Database

Glassdoor's salary information database is among the largest. They also offer a section where you can see previously asked interview questions which could be very helpful!

Glassdoor Provides Salary Information and Interview Tips
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