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Digg is social news. More specifically, Digg is a user driven social content website. Confused? Yeah, you should be, that term is a bunch of bologna. Basically, people submit stories (or interesting links) and then other people Digg it (similar to Facebook like). If a story is receiving a lot of Diggs, it shows up on the homepage. You can also customize your homepage. After you log in, follow the content providers that you like. For instance, if you see that you are enjoying all the articles from the New York Times, then you should follow the New York Times. Digg will then put a priority on showing you articles from the New York Times on your homepage.

Digg’s only official app is for the iPhone. However, there is a free third-party supported app for Android.

Digg quickly shot to #1 on the iPhone app download charts when its iPhone app was released (Source: Mashable). According to the source, Digg already launched an Android app. However, they have stopped supporting it and it is no longer available in the Android app store.