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Best Science Website for Whales. Yes. Whales.

Is Scientific American the best science website? No but it is certainly one of the best science websites. Their well established brand dates back all the way back to August 28th, 1845 when they published their first magazine issue.Wikipedia

Their magazine continues to be published to this day, making Scientific American the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. Their publication has established a brand that is continually trusted as a source for reliable information. With nearly half a million subscribers, Scientific American makes a significant impact on educating the public on current scientific issues.

Einstein Wrote for Scientific American

The monthly release covers a broad range of topics. Scientific American is aimed towards educated people but is still highly readable. Through their clarity on complex subjects, Scientific American has earned its high status and become a valuable resource for everyone from students to scientists. Many famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, have contributed articles to what is now the umbrella brand for one of the best science websites.

Scientific American has articles on a broad range of subjects. Our favorite articles include, “How Can We Cope with the Dirty Water from Fracking?” and “It’s a Water-Full World“. Their website does a satisfactory job at organizing their articles but is bloated with promotions for their magazine subscription. For a better organized website that tackles the science of stuff consider HowStuffWorks.

They categorize their content in several different ways. Like any standard website, you can browse through their topics. You can also browse through In-Depth Reports which are essentially collections of past articles that relate to each other.

The content available at Scientific American is not limited to just articles. Scientific American is well-known for publishing rich media infographics that tackle tough subjects.  One of our favorites is their collection of Interactive Features which has things ranging from timelines titled A History of Limb Lengthening to animations on How Large Stars Die. You can also find staff blogs, videos, and even a section geared towards the education-minded. Podcast listeners might also be interested in their 60-second podcasts.

Scientific American’s Side Project Aims to Decode Whale Cries

Recently, Scientific American started Whale FM which is an interactive website that is intended to help marine researchers. The website asks that you listen to a sound clip of a whale and help match it up with similar whale sounds. The issue they are aiming to solve is the confusion between different whale cries and dolphin dialects.

Scientific American wants your help. Maybe Scientific American is not the best science website but you can help them become the best science website for whales. Note: Scientific American disconnected this initiative from their brand. You can check out the project Whale FM here.

Scientific American Magazine Covers

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