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Reddit is quite the experience whether you’ve been on the site for minutes, days, or years. You never know what to expect from the rowdy and often informative community. Despite the amount of posts, reddit still manages to have the best user content on the Internet. There’s something magical yet disturbing about the way reddit brings posts to the front page.

What Is Reddit, Exactly?

Best User Content

Ask Reddit, a great place for questions about any topic.

Reddit is part forum, part social media site, part news outlet, part pictures, and part community full of opinionated neckbeards. The basic concept is that anyone can upload almost anything to a variety of categories named “subreddits.” Other users “upvote” or “downvote” what they consider to be good posts. These posts will either skyrocket in popularity or sink to the bottom of obscurity based on the number of votes they receive. The twist is that a post will only appear in the popular section for 24 hours. Content in posts is either hosted on reddit itself or through other websites, especially imgur.

Becoming Part of the Community

Best User Content

Make that account.

Once you’re signed up for reddit, you’ll have to go through the complicated process of posting. It’s actually not that tough when it comes down to it. The most difficult part is probably finding the right subreddit to place your post in because of the strict posting rules. Now sit back and wait for all the negative comments and downvotes to pour in. It does happen that way sometimes, so don’t be discouraged if your post isn’t a hit. This site doesn’t have the best user content for no reason.

Examples of Best User Content

What is happening?

What is happening?

Here are some of my favorite reddit posts that I hope you enjoy as well.

Bill Gates even shows up on reddit occasionally, with words of wisdom and Santa-like capabilities. Maybe it’s time to start your journey into the untamed beast that is reddit. Let us know what your favorite posts are in the comments!

Name: Reddit
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Reddit is the ultimate stop for all things everything. If that makes sense.

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Constant new content.Has a subreddit for almost every topic you can imagine.Anyone can express their opinion.People from all walks of life contribute knowledge and humor.
Has a subreddit for almost every topic you shouldn't be imagining. Community is antagonistic at times, even toxic.
92%Overall Score
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