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Everyone Wants a Piece of the Proverbial Mashable Pie

With millions of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook followers and with over 50 million page views every month, Mashable has been pushing the boundaries of social media news for the nearly the past decade.  The addictive blog is a creation by wunderkind Peter Cashmore from his 2005 Scotland home. By 2009 TIME Magazine had named it one of the Top 25 Blogs of the Year.

Social Media News Mashable
Screenshot of the Mashable homepage.

Although Mashable primarily concentrates on the latest innovations and advancements in social media, there is much more to this intriguingly original website. With over 13 million unique readers every month, Mashable has something for everyone. Viewers will find all types of social media news from Business and Technology to US and World News. Its organizational format doesn’t take itself too seriously though because you can always find extremely informative articles as well, such as How to Save your Phone when it Falls in the Toilet or The New “Steve Jobs” Movie. Everyone seems to find something fascinating on this multifaceted news blog. CNN has even been rumored to be interested in purchasing the property.

And in the day of ever-changing Google Algorithms, Mashable is always on the cutting edge by breaking news in verbiage that we can easily understand. Yes, Mashable is a very relatable social media news presence which always seems to educate its viewership without sounding condescending.

Mashable is Social Media News for the Next Generation

You might even call it the “MTV” of Social Media News. Every year they hold nominations for the Annual Mashable Awards where a wide range of categories are offered, such as “Best New Gadget”, “Best Branded Mobile App”, the “Must-Follow Athlete on Social Media” or the “Viral Video of the Year”.

Mashable also incorporates a highly advanced “search” option which allows you to locate all past articles ever written by Mashable journalists on any given topic, sorting them by date with Picture, unlike The Huffington Post or other social media news sources. So next time you are trying to decide what kind of mobile media device to buy, or which social music streaming website to use, give Mashable a try. You no longer have to listen to pre-programmed online radio. There are several options online that will “discover” music for you based on your already downloaded preferred songs. And Mashable journalists are the first to find these new and exciting alternatives like

Mainstream News Organizations Syndicate Mashable Content

CNN Heart Mashable
CNN links to Mashable articles. You would think it would be the other way around.

Social media news is creeping into every corner and crevice of American and international journalism, and Mashable is leading the charge. It began making its mark as early as 2009 when CNN began to link to Mashable’s top syndicated headlinesUSA Today regularly credits the Mashable writers with bylines for intriguing and informative articles, usually of the technological genre. Even Huffington Post Live hops on the band wagon when they vote them The Biggest Media Innovation of 2012.

Whether it is a 24-hour media conglomerate, a live television news show, or a newspaper found on the doorstep of every hotel room in the nation, everyone seems to want to get a piece of the proverbial Mashable pie. The Mainstream Media views the social media news as a means to effectively distribute their brand of information, content and news to a larger audience. The reverse is also true. However, there is no denying that Mashable is fast becoming the most reputable resource for these other Mass Media Organizations.

Top Syndicated Mashable Stories of 2012

Below is the Top Ten List of Mashable Stories that were picked up by other mainstream media outlets. Social media news is here to stay, and Mashable is a major contributor to its success. No wonder Mashable consistently holds an Alexa rating in the top 300, and it’s only going to get better!