Best Video Site

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the net. You can share videos from your computer or even your smart phone. It has since become the top site for trailers, music videos, gaming walkthroughs, and more. It is no surprise that Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. YouTube is the best video site mainly because of its popularity, although it is a pretty good site in its own right. No one is going to watch your videos if you upload them anywhere else, besides Facebook.

The Beginnings of a Phenomenon

Chocolate Rain
Back when YouTube was much simpler and more genuine.

YouTube began back in 2005 with a simple question: what if anyone could upload videos to the internet for free? Users began uploading silly videos of everyday happenings as well as skits and more. 11 years later, YouTube has become the largest video sharing website on the internet. You can still find quirky, low production videos on the site, but corporations and partnerships have taken over. Labels release all the latest music videos to YouTube while other websites, such as Netflix, upload trailers for their biggest properties.

What Else Can You Find on YouTube?

YouTube Front Page
YouTube’s front page. Constantly changing.

Glad you asked. YouTube has some of the most bizarre content you can find on the internet. There are also enlightening and educational channels those who prefer to learn. Following are some of our favorite videos on YouTube:

YouTube Red and Ads

YouTube Red
Is it really worth it?

YouTube Red is the site’s premium service, which costs $9.99/month. Gone are the days when you can watch any YouTube video with minimal ads. You may have to wait 15-30 seconds just to watch a 1-minute video due to YouTube’s intrusive ads. YouTube has become increasingly money-hungry as they skyrocketed in popularity. You can’t blame them. They ARE offering endless content, so why shouldn’t they charge for some of it? The thing is, much of the content you get with YouTube Red either should be free, or isn’t very good, depending on who you ask. Does this stop YouTube from being the best video site? No. Not really. There are some great benefits to the service, including:

  • Offline Play
  • No ads
  • Free subscription to Google Play
  • Background play

Although some would prefer the service didn’t exist, YouTube Red isn’t the worst that could happen.