Best Business Website:

What does it take to be considered the best business website? Is it experience? How about the ability to discuss the many things that affect business people? Could it be compiling lists covering everything from the world’s richest to the best countries for business? My answer would be all the above. For all the above, you visit

Home Page For The World’s Business Leaders

If people are going to trust you for your business ability, then you must have experience and authority in the business world. Forbes comes from a long line of business experience. The financial columnist for the Hearst papers, B.C. Forbes, partnered with Walter Drey. Mr. Drey was the general manager of the Magazine of Wall Street. They founded Forbes Magazine on September 15, 1917.Wikipedia  With all the experience gained with publishing Forbes Magazine, debuted in 1996. If over 100 years in the field of reporting on business isn’t experience, then I don’t know what is!

The best business website in 1996
Forbes in 1996

Fast Forward to 2016. reaches more than 27 million unique visitors each month. With that many people visiting your website each month you have to offer something people want or need. The best business website has content that covers different topics, or channels, that affect business people.

Business articles are as varied as, “how the weather will affect the farming sector,” to, “which company is investing millions of dollars in programmatic TV advertising.” Other channels include Investing, Technology, Entrepreneurs, Opinions, and Leadership. In each channel, there are massive amounts of content for you to read.

There’s a list for that.

Interested in who the richest person in the world is? How about America’s Best Small Companies? Maybe you’re looking for the annual 30 Under 30 featuring the young entrepreneurs, creative leaders, and brightest stars under 30 years of age. If you are wanting to find a list covering the rich, companies, people, places, sports, and education has it.

Forbes Lists.
Forbes is known for their lists.

More than Words.

Forbes not only has all the written content a business person would need, but they also have video as well. Sorted video categories are: recommended, featured, most popular, and the latest. 4 Essential Tips To Becoming A Better Leader, How To Write Better Emails, and Malala Yousafzai’s Lifelong Campaign For Girls’ Education are popular videos that are available on

Most popular videos.
A selection of videos.

Navigation and Design.

Navigating Forbes is a straight forward process. There is a menu that when activated pops up on the left side of the website. Once activated the menu displays the different channels. There is also a horizontal menu along the top of the website for getting new posts and trending news quickly.

The design of the website is like that of any other online magazines. There isn’t anything that will wow a visitor. The design does carry across all devices nicely without any major issues. The biggest problem with the Forbes design is the sheer amount of ads. These ads come in the form of images and auto play videos.  There is a way you can get around the ads, but it will take some work.

Forbes Ad Light
Get less intrusive ads.

Starting your day with the Best Business Website.

With all the information on the best business website, it is easy to see how it is the home page for the world’s business leaders. One can easily start their day by getting caught up on the business news all while eating their breakfast. One quick look at the menu at the top of the home page and they can find the newest and most popular articles. You can also find any one of the lists on the website or even watch one of the latest videos.

Experience, discussing many topics that pertain to business people, and annual list all make the best business website. When it’s time to learn and read about business visit