Direct Call Phone Numbers

Want to Never Get Put on Hold Again?

Teleprompters are the enemy. I personally start yelling “Customer Service” into my phone whenever I am asked to press 1 if I speak English. Now, with GetHuman, we have a comprehensive database of direct call phone numbers to reach customer service centers for virtually any company at our fingertips.

With direct call phone numbers, there is no need to wait 30 minutes to speak to a customer service representative. You can call representatives directly. They feature secret phone numbers for companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Their database of numbers includes over 10,000 major corporations.

Direct Call Phone Numbers and Faster Ways to Get What You Want

The numbers are not always direct call phone numbers though. Corporations realized people can readily access their direct call phone numbers that they intended to reserve for elite clientele. Many companies have disabled their direct call phone numbers. However, GetHuman addresses this by detailing the fastest way to get hold of a customer representative.

For example, for the Sprint number you are given their normal customer service phone number and directions to reach a representative in the fastest way possible. They tell you exactly which numbers to push at each of the prompts along with the average wait time that other users have reported.

They do a great job at keeping their records up to date. On top of wait times and fastest call directions, they feature alternate connection methods. With Sprint, you can connect with the VP of Customer Service via e-mail; this method is rated as the best method for communicating with Sprint by GetHuman members. Their large user base corrects outdated information.

Forget Direct Call Phone Numbers – Have Them Call You!

Recently, GetHuman also integrated LucyPhone which is a service that has companies call you. When we tested the feature, Sprint called us back almost immediately.

On top that, they integrate with Zingaya which allows you to make customer service calls over the internet. Albeit, with Zingaya, you will have to go through the same prompts you would if you called with your phone (so just use the prompt directions supplied at GetHuman).

That’s not it either! GetHuman integrates with Facebook and TalkTo too. With the Facebook integration, you can save the pages that are most useful to you for future reference. On top of that, if you login with Facebook and share the service with your friends you can disable the advertisements on the website.

And with the TalkTo feature you can actually text a company over the internet directly from the GetHuman website and have the response texted to you or e-mailed to you. When we tried this with AT&T, we got a reply in 5 minutes. However, bear in mind that some of these integrations are not available for all of the direct call phone numbers that GetHuman has in their database.