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Ebates's traffic rank is 2,532 globally

Many people use cash back rewards credit cards when making purchases. Using these cards can sometimes save people up to 5%. What some people do not know is that you can actually stack credit card cash back with cash back from an online provider like Ebates (which we think is the best cash back shopping service).

Introducing the Best Cash Back Shopping Service

Ebates is a cash back service that pays its users to click through their website when making purchases. The site offers cash back for over 2,000 stores. The site even offers cash back at discount stores like eBay, Amazon, and Wal-Mart.

Ebates Homepage

Screenshot of Ebates’ homepage

The site’s popular too. TechCrunch reports that, “In 2013, 2.5 million members spent over $2.2 billion shopping through Ebates.” This popularity led Rakuten, the Japanese eCommerce giant, to purchasing Ebates for $1 billion in 2014.

Most stores in Ebates arsenal offer a flat-rate cash back. You get a single pre-defined percentage back of your purchase total. Other stores like eBay offer a different percentage of cash back depending on the category you purchase from. You will be able to see a breakdown when you search for eBay on the Ebates website.

Ebates eBay Page

A look at the breakdown for eBay’s cashback

The site also combines coupon deals with cashback to make the deals even sweeter. When navigating to the HP page on Ebates, you will see a whopping promotional cash back amount of 15% (at the time of writing this) along with all the different coupons they are currently offering. Stacking the 15% cashback, along with a coupon and a cash back credit card can lead to some serious savings.

How Does Ebates Compare with Other Cash Back Providers?

There are many, many different cash back websites. Ebates may be the most well known. They even have TV commercials. We are also calling it the best cash back shopping service. But does it offer the best cash back rates? It does sometimes.

Ebates is good but it might be worth checking out other sites especially if you plan on making a large purchase and 1% difference cash back matters to you. We found this comparison grid which might be helpful. The grid shows that Ebates offers competitive cash back rates and sometimes offers the best cash back rates.

So What Makes Ebates the Best Cash Back Shopping Service?

Ebates separates themselves from the competition. On top of offering competitive cash back rates, they offer browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The extensions will notify you when cash back is possible and allow you to turn on cash back shopping with a single click. They also have an Android and iPhone app.

Their credit card is another thing that separates them from the competition. Using the card lets you get an additional 3% cash back on qualifying purchases.  The additional cash back does not apply to things like airfare and hotel deals. The credit card gives a minimum of 1% cash back on all purchases.

Ebates can credit some of their success to their referral offer. You can make $60 by referring three family members and friends. Please note, Ebates would still be on The Best Sites even if their referral offer did not exist.

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Name: Ebates
Type: Cash Back Shopping Service

Ebates is the de facto standard when it comes to cash back shopping. They offer competitive cash back rates and also have useful tools like browser extensions and a credit card.

Ebates Review
Competitive cash back ratesBrowser extensions make using the service extremely easyMake extra money by referring friends and familyMost popular cash back serviceCrisp UI and easy to navigate the website
Rates are not always the best available
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes
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