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Refrigerator App Makes Epicurious Best Food Website Candidate

Epicurious is primarily a recipe website. It has one of the largest user bases (for a recipe website). The site features recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appétit magazine. They also have recipes submitted by users. But best of all, they feature a full collection of apps. They even have a refrigerator app. For this reason, we have to consider Epicurious as a candidate for the best food website title.

Epicurious Homepage Screenshot, Best Food Website
Screenshot of the Epicurious homepage. Quite possibly the homepage of the best food website.

Best Food Website or Not, Epicurious Helps You Satisfy Your Taste Palette

You can search for a particular recipe and apply different filters to your results. For instance, you can filter by the main ingredient, whether or not the ingredients are in season (check out their seasonal food map), and by dietary considerations (e.g. gluten-free, low-cholesterol).

Log in and you will be able to save recipes, print them out, and even print out entire cookbooks. Epicurious is one of the most full-featured recipe websites. The only feature we would like to see on their website in the future is the ability to generate possible recipes based on the ingredients you say you have. The absence of this feature is why Epicurious is only a candidate for the best food website.

Epicurious covers all information related to pleasuring your taste pallet. You can find guides that will help you become a better cook. For example, they have guides that will walk you through Healthy Cooking. If you are serious about your kitchen you should check out their Essential Kitchen Equipment Guide. They feature articles like Perfect Wines for your Picnic and The Top Places to Eat in London. They cover every topic that relates to being an epicure. We recommend checking out the best of Epicurious.

How Did They Come Up With a Name Like Epicurious?

Their name is from the word “epicure”. According to Webster, an epicure is “one with sensitive and discriminating tastes especially in wine or food”. Their name also relates to the origin of the word. It came from the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Wikipedia says:

For Epicurus, the purpose of philosophy was to attain the happy, tranquil life, characterized by ataraxia—peace and freedom from fear—and aponia—the absence of pain—and by living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends. He taught that pleasure and pain are the measures of what is good and evil; death is the end of both body and soul and should therefore not be feared; the gods do not reward or punish humans; the universe is infinite and eternal; and events in the world are ultimately based on the motions and interactions of atoms moving in empty space.

More Apps than the Typical Recipe Website

They have an app for pretty much everything too. On top of the standard apps for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone they feature apps for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Kindle Fire, HP Printers, and even some Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung Epicurious Refrigerator App in Action

Their refrigerator app lets you add all the ingredients in your refrigerator to the apps database. Then, by connecting to Epicurious over the refrigerator’s WiFi, the app displays possible recipes. For instance, if you have cheddar cheese, burger patties, and bacon, the app may suggest bacon cheddar cheeseburgers. It is surprising that this feature is available on their app because it is not available on their website. Regardless, their enterprise of apps makes them a candidate for the best food website title at the very least.