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Google Voice's traffic rank is 1 globally

Google Voice gives you one free phone number that connects with all your numbers. Google Voice is the best VOIP service. Google lets you choose a new free phone number from various area codes.CrunchBase Then they combine it with powerful telephone enhancing features and a contact management system so you have one number for all your numbers.

Google Voice Features

  • Get a free phone number
  • Accept text messages online
  • Send text messages online
  • Read your voice-mails as transcripts
  • Direct calls based on predefined rules
  • Make cheap VOIP calls
  • Block calls at certain times
Google Voice, Best VOIP Service

Screenshot of the Google Voice dashboard.

You can set up the service to apply rules to different groups of contacts. For instance, your cell phone and work phone can ring at the same time when your boss calls. But when your lover calls, your home phone and cell phone ring.

If you opt-in, Google Voice will transcribe your voice-mails into text and email them to you. You will also be able to access it from your Google Voice dashboard. The email text along with the original voicemail message are available here on your Google Voice dashboard. You no longer have to worry about your voice-mail box being filled.

You can send free text messages with Google Voice from the internet (or by using Google Voice on your WiFi-enabled device). Enough said.

Free Domestic Calls, Cheap International Ones

Google Voice rates

Google Voice rates beat the rest. If you live in the US/Canda, you even get free domestic calling.

Google Voice acts as a VOIP service too. US users can place outbound calls from the Google Voice mobile app, web-based application, or by dialing their Google Voice number from any phone. Domestic calls are free. International calls are not as cheap, sadly. But Google Voice prices its services very competitively. You can investigate per minute costs on the Google Voice international price list.

Skype vs Google Voice: Which is the Best VOIP Service?

Google Voice is giving Skype a run for their money. In a comparison between Skype and Google Voice at CNET, Google Voice is the winner in every single comparison. However, when it comes to cost, it really depends on your needs. Google Voice uses flat per minute rates and Skype features lower per minute rates but tags on a connection fee.

Google Voice’s list of telephone enhancing features is endless. You can turn on “Do Not Disturb”. This will direct all calls to voice-mail. There is also tight integration with Google chat and Google Plus. You can text people from Google chat and import contacts from Google Plus. Other features include call history, conference calling, and blocking of unwanted calls. The eloquent but simple combination of these services make Google Voice the best VOIP service.

Best VOIP Service for Sprint

Google Voice features tight integration with Sprint service. You can choose to use your current number or even change your Sprint phone number using the integration service.

Sprint Users Can Use Their Current Number

If your phone carrier integrates with Google, you can use your current number. This works by having Google automatically port your number from your current carrier over to their Voice service. Only Sprint supports this at this time. Google is currently talking with other carriers. However, we doubt that AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile will support integration with Google Voice given their vendetta on Google Wallet. Regardless, the integration with Sprint makes Google Voice hands down the best VOIP service (at least for Sprint users).

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