Hottest Girls on the Internet

Hottest Girls on the Internet, Hoaxes, and Donald Trump

TheCHIVE‘s slogan is “probably the best site in the world” so naturally we had to investigate. It is a photo-entertainment website that gained attention when they released a series of internet hoaxes that were reported as true stories by mainstream media outlets.Wikipedia These hoaxes ultimately led to us discovering theCHIVE, a home for pictures of some of the hottest girls on the internet.

In one hoax, a teenage girl accidentally texted her dad saying that she lost her virginity on the beach. It spread like wildfire, being discussed everywhere as if it were a true story. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, and Brietbart TV all featured the story.AllThingsD According to one of the brothers behind theCHIVE, John Resig, the hoax was designed “to entertain and inspire, not to inform.”TechCrunch A few hoaxes later and theCHIVE is now one of the most trafficked websites on the internet.Alexa

theCHIVE Donald Trump Tip Hoax
This is the picture of the fake receipt signed by Donald Trump that theCHIVE released as a prank.

What Other Hoaxes was theCHIVE behind?

theCHIVE features all sorts of photo galleries and articles featured around photos. It specializes in more than just the hottest girls on the internet. They have a video roll of viral YouTube videos, a funny article section filled with narrated picture stories, a randomness section that features well random stuff, and an HQ section where only high quality media gets posted. On top of that, the site integrates a dating platform.

What Does “Keep Calm and Chive On” Mean?

To answer this question, we referred to Urban Dictionary. According to a user-submitted definition, the verb “chive” means to “act sexy, stupid and raucous for the attention of the opposite sex. This can often be seen at workplaces, and so it has recently become a thing for women to take photos of themselves being sexually provocative at work and uploading them to Twitter with the hashtag #KCCO.”UrbanDictionary Keep Calm and Chive On is up for personal interpretation but we think it means quit whining and start posting sexy pictures on the internet.

theCHIVE uses the term to brand themselves and even sells t-shirts. They frequently feature girls with KCCO tattooed on themselves. Some of girls are crowned with the “Chivette” title, a title given by theCHIVE to the hottest girls on the internet.

Most Popular Section is NSFW, Features Hottest Girls on the Internet

Their most popular section dedicates itself to the hottest girls on the internet and is certainly not safe for work (NSFW). You will find picture roll categories with titles like Girls in Mirror, FB Girls, Things That Bounce, and Tan Lines. Of the picture rolls, Mind the Gap is a personal favorite.

Hottest Girls on the Internet
theCHIVE is home to the hottest girls on the internet and pictures like this.