Best Notetaking App

The Best Note Taking App for Collaboration

Evernote is a note taking application that you can connect to from almost anywhere. You can go to their website, use their mobile apps, or get hardcore and download their software. If you’re the kind of person who needs to be writing things down constantly, Evernote is for you. You should check out the program even if you’re not accustomed to taking notes, it might just improve your productivity. Evernote is the best note taking app due to its availability across most platforms and its powerful features.

The Ultimate Note Taking App

best note taking app
Evernote’s interface on an iPad.

Evernote’s streamlined interface is set up to make your life easier and more productive. Notes are collected in a series of notebooks that you create. You can label these notebooks whatever you want, share them with other users, and put them into stacks (folders containing other folders). You have the ability to set alerts for each note if you’re deadline oriented and need the extra push. You can attach photos, voice memos, web pages, or other files for easy sharing or storing.

Sharing notes with other users works kind of like Google Docs. Invited users can see what you have written down and make changes themselves. It’s great for collaboration and really speeds up the process.

Plus and Premium for Power Users

best note taking app
A look at the 3 plans Evernote has to offer.

You can get away with just the free version if you’re not reliant on Evernote. You will need to upgrade if Evernote becomes part of your daily routine. Plus is the best option for heavy users, at $34,99/year. It gives you the added feature of accessing your notes offline and access to advanced customer support. Those who are using Evernote for business purposes will probably want to check out Premium, which is $69.99/year and grants the user access to even more features. In short, the ability to annotate PDF’s, scan documents, and create presentations become invaluable and make Evernote the best note taking app for professionals.

Other Ways to Use Evernote

best note taking app
Take handwritten notes, if that’s your style.

Despite the focus on business, not all Evernote users have to be so serious about the app. Evernote is also for those who want to keep track of what they’re eating or for students to remind them when projects are due. Business Insider cataloged “7 Unusual Ways People Use Evernote”, which proves how flexible the app really is. In summary, the multipurpose use of this app makes it the best note taking app out there.