Top 10 iOS Games Launched in 2016

Mobile games are taking over our lives in ways that console games simply can’t. We can take them anywhere and pause them almost at any moment and then pick up where we left off. Mobile gaming has also reached the point where some games can be ported over from PC and consoles. This leads to a higher level of quality of the games that are available. I’ve ranked these games based on my personal opinion of what makes a good game. So all that aside, what were the top 10 iOS games launched in 2016?

That Dragon, Cancer – $5

Top 10 iOS Games

This one is special and first on the list because it genuinely touched me on an emotional level; more than almost all other games have managed to do. That Dragon, Cancer is about a family coping with their son’s death at the cruel hands of cancer; his name was Joel. This work of art is one of the reasons I love gaming so much. It may not be perfect, but the message is pure gold. It’s tough to categorize it as one of the top 10 iOS games of this year because it’s so drastically different from the others. Go experience it!

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Pokemon GO – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

It’s impossible not to include Pokemon GO on this list. Sure, many people feel like the game wasn’t as intuitive and content heavy as it should have been, but you can’t deny the phenomenon that it caused. The app legitimately got people to get up and exercise. That’s not all, “Pokemon GO” itself was the most searched term in the world for 2016. The game has died down in popularity, but updates keep coming out for the loyal fan base.

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Batman – The Telltale Series – $15

Top 10 iOS Games

Telltale Games has been on a roll lately with all the games they’ve been churning out. They’re handling a ridiculous amount of IPs and I’m starting to wonder if they’ve put too much on their metaphorical plate. Even so, Batman – The Telltale Series, Telltale’s take on the dark knight, is a great game. It’s a narrative driven adventure game where you’re put in charge of Batman as he solves- well, you’ll have to play for yourself and find out.

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Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore takes you to space as a rookie pilot thrust into a position you’re not ready for. Will you sink or swim? The gameplay and level of customization, as well as the leveling up system, make this a game worthy of your time. It definitely belongs on this top 10 iOS games list.

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Banner Saga 2 – $5

Top 10 iOS Games

Banner Saga is back with its intense story and tactical gameplay. I won’t go too much into the game, but I’d definitely recommend you play the first entry before you sink your time into Banner Saga 2. They’re both fantastic games with deeply emotional narratives.

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Severed – $7

Top 10 iOS Games

Go into this game blind. I won’t say anything except that it’s not like anything that you’ve ever played before in terms of style and substance.

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Mobius Final Fantasy – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

Final Fantasy is a strong franchise even in 2016, despite various setbacks and lackluster sales of previous entries. Mobius Final Fantasy thinks itself a full final fantasy game, but for mobile devices. Sure, you can buy classic Final Fantasy titles on iOS, but this is a whole new title built just for mobile. Get it if you’re looking for a great RPG on your phone.

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Prune – $4

Top 10 iOS Games

I love games that try different things, even if everyone might not appreciate them. Prune is an artsy game that I would categorize as “classy.” Your job is to grow a tree around obstacles by pruning branches and making sure the blossoms come into bloom. It’s a simple idea that is beautiful to behold.

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VOEZ – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

VOEZ might not have mass appeal like most games on this list, but what it certainly does have is style. This rhythm game provides beautiful tracks for you to tap along to. Some of the songs give off a Vocaloid-like vibe, so it might not be for everyone. At least give it a try; you might find yourself enjoying the game.


Super Mario Run –  $10

Top 10 iOS Games

Super Mario Run is Mario’s long awaited debut on mobile devices. This game is Nintendo at it’s heart, but still a new take on the franchise. The real draw is replaying levels and beating your friends’ high scores. For now, he’s only available on iOS, which is a huge draw for Apple.

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That’s our list of the top 10 iOS games launched in 2016. Did we miss some of your favorites? Make sure to comment below with some games you think deserve to be on the list!