Best Website for High Quality Videos

High Quality Videos Bustling with Creativity

Vimeo is a video-sharing service that is bustling with creativity. They make it easy to find high quality videos. The name “Vimeo” is a play on the word “video”. The “de” is replaced with “me” since the site dedicates itself to user-made video. It is a hub of creativity and Time calls it “the indie darling to YouTube”.Time Typical videos are high quality, short, artsy, and creative with a strong emphasis on good photography. At Vimeo, you can find the best creative short films in HD.

Vimeo, Best Website for High Quality Videos
Screenshot of the Vimeo homepage.

Emphasis on High Quality Videos

Most of the content on Vimeo is crystal sharp. This can be credited to their community. Many of the videos are submitted by active users who are either professional film makers, camera enthusiasts, or both. Most videos are professionally edited. With perfect contrast, these high quality videos are perfect for viewing on a big screen.

The reason they managed to gather such a great community of professionals creating content for free dates back to 2007. On October 9th, 2007 they became the first video-sharing website to feature 720p uploads.Wikipedia Presently, users can submit 1080p videos.

Another reason is because they do not feature an option to sort videos by popularity. This encourages film makers who normally would not submit their videos out of fear of having their video buried by the latest viral cat video.

Vimeo provides several ways of finding high quality videos. You can join a group dedicated to short films, watch channels, or traverse through their well-organized category structure. Whenever you like a video, you can like it and it will be saved to your Vimeo dashboard for future viewing.

Channels Filter Out the Garbage

Channels allow users to create personal selections of their best creative short films and other high quality videos usually themed around a certain topic. These channels are then subscribed to. Channels with a high subscriber count gain more attention so you are more likely to see them.

In this way, Vimeo provides a new age content filter technique where passionate users curate their favorite selection of high quality videos. This is a nice break from the “Pandora” method where a computer generating probabilistic models suggests new multimedia for you. Vimeo uses the same successful technique that other websites such as 8tracks have also used. Vimeo’s 8 million active registered users and 65 million unique monthly visitors can vouch for that.Wikipedia

Some of the Best Creative Short Films

You can save yourself some time and check out our channel, The Best Vimeos. We spent hours finding the best creative short films. If you subscribe to it, new videos we post will show up on your Vimeo news feed. The channel focuses on well-praised HD videos that have a lot of likes. Alternatively, you can check out ShortOfTheWeek, a website dedicated to showcasing the best videos on Vimeo.

On top of finding the best creative short films, you will find “timescapes”. “Timescapes” are videos produced by shooting a long video from one spot and playing it in a short time frame. Some of them are absolutely amazing. “The Mountain” is our favorite. We feature this video on The Best Vimeos. By no coincidence is this video one of the top liked videos on Vimeo. Turn up the volume, turn off the lights, and watch it full screen:

Vimeo is looking into the future. They see the day where the internet meets your TV. Accordingly, they developed Vimeo Couch Mode. You can do pretty much everything you can do on their normal website with the new web app. You can watch a preview for the service here: