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YouTube for Intellectuals: Best Philosophy Website

Big Think is what happens when you put television producer Gary David Goldberg and former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers together.Wikipedia The pair envisioned their website becoming a YouTube for intellectuals.CrunchBase However, it became much more. The emphasis on quality content makes Big Think the best philosophy website.

Video Interviews with Leading Experts

Big Think publishes well-produced interviews with top intellectuals in countless fields. In their video section, they have thousands of hours of footage. All of the videos are searchable by topic, expert, and question. In this way, they are similar to TED. However, they differ from TED because they break down their videos into short video interviews that address single topics.

We stumbled upon this website when researching the famous philosopher Daniel Dennett. The video series on Dennett’s philosophies is entertaining, informative, and intellectually stimulating. In fact, we think the series alone might make Big Think the best philosophy website.

In our personal favorite from the series Dennett explores Darwinism and outer space. He deduces that if aliens exist in a world with a transparent atmosphere then they probably have eyes.

Daniel Dennett on the Best Philosophy Website
Screenshot of Daniel Dennett’s video series on Big Think.

More than Just the Best Philosophy Website

In another video, the CEO of Google predicts the future. And in another, President Jimmy Carter says America is ready for a gay president. Big Think realizes we live in an age where the best philosophy website must engage their audience with video. So they do.

They feature an exceptionally long video series from Michio Kaku. This should come as no surprise from the best philosophy website. Michio Kaku, a famous physicist and well-praised professor, uses Big Think as his home to release content that bridges the gap between physics and philosophy. He even has his own blog at Big Think called Dr. Kaku’s Universe. Michio Kaku’s blog is just scratching the surface though. Big Think features blogs from countless intellectuals all over the world.

On the home page you will always find at least one controversial article. You might find an article titled Why We Won’t Stop Mass Killings: We Like Them Too Much. These titles engage readers so expect an active community of commentators.

Their articles bombard the reader with edutainment articles covering many areas of academic interest. They submerge the user in an academically diverse environment where the user must adapt by learning. You can expect articles like Why Do Americans Have Less Vacation Time than Anyone Else? and Four Steps to Harvesting Winning Ideas.

Themes & Big Ideas – How Big Think Organizes their Website

Their diverse set of articles are broken down into Themes & Big Ideas. In each theme, one of their editors writes up an editorial about a trending topic. The editorial will usually link to the various related video interviews and popular blog posts that they have on their website. Because they do this, the best philosophy website is an organized website too.

To provide even more organization, the themes are organized into categories. By categorizing their themes, they give the user an excellent navigation system. It makes it easy to find information on whatever topic you are interested in.

Theme Categories Help Organize Big Think

One of the biggest reasons why we consider Big Think the best philosophy website is their emphasis on quality. They produce timeless masterpieces that encourage the intellectual growth of both their users and society. This is important considering that

We live in a time of information abundance, which far too many of us see as information overload. With the sum total of human knowledge, past and present, at ourfingertips, we’re faced with a crisis of attention: which ideas should we engage with, and why? Big Think