Best Website for Restaurant Deals

Making People Fat One Coupon at a Time sells $25 dining certificates for $10. It is the best website for restaurant deals. They sell certificates for thousands of ma and pa type restaurants nationwide. Usually these restaurants are new or want to market to a wider crowd. The site is even featured on Main Street’s slideshow The Best Sites for Restaurant Deals.

Sometimes there are promotional sales on the dining certificates for 50%-80% off. At 80% off, you get a $25 dining certificate for $2 (Proof). You can check if there is an active promotional coupon by checking deal forum Slickdeals and searching for This is the best website for restaurant deals if you use the method we describe for purchasing their certificates.

Use Coupons to Buy Coupons, Get Cashback Too

Most people do not know about this: You can sweeten the deal even more if you have a FatWallet account (sign up for free). FatWallet combines a deal forum with one of the best cash back shopping systems. They offer 10% cash back on purchases. Combining this with an 80% off coupon brings your total cost for a $25 dining certificate down to $1.80. Cashback
Sign up for FatWallet and use it to search for coupons to and also get cash back from FatWallet.

So what does this all mean? Let us say you go out to eat and spend $40 instead of the $35 minimum. With 7% sales tax that is $42.80. Take off $25 using your certificate and the total is $17.80. Add 20% of $40 for tip and the total comes out to $25.80. Add the cost of a certificate at 80% off and the total is now $27.80. Subtract the FatWallet cash back and your total is $27.60 for a meal that would have costed over $50. This is why is the best website for restaurant deals.

What are the Catches?

There are a few catches. There is normally a minimum purchase you have to satisfy before you can use the certificate; it is normally $35 for a $25 certificate. Some of the certificates can only be used for dinner. Some you can not use on Friday and Saturday nights. will clearly state the caveats of each certificate. Pay attention to the restrictions, many people have not – these are the people that are writing bad reviews for has terrible reviews that might make you question why we think they are the best website for restaurant deals.Google Their limitations are just the start of the gimmicky marketing techniques they use. However, if you follow our technique of using coupons and cash back on the certificates then the best website for restaurant deals can end up being one of your biggest cash savers especially if you go out to eat a lot.

How are the Restaurants?

In our experiences, the restaurants have been excellent. Generally the restaurants seem to be struggling or brand new. The restaurants always had great food. Albeit, if you are spending $40 on two people, this is expected. In most cases, the businesses accepted our visit (and coupon) with a smile but in one case the restaurant was reluctant to take it simply because they did not know they were running the promotion. attracts these non-corporate, disorganized restaurants because of the simplicity as a promotional service and the exposure it provides their business.

Best Website for Restaurant Deals Results Page
Screenshot of the navigation system shows how easy it is to find the restaurant that is perfect for you.

If you use right, you will be happy. And if you use as much as we do, you will get fat. They are making people fat one coupon at a time. We suppose the money will save you is going to be offset by the cost of the gym membership you are going to need. All in all, this is the best website for restaurant deals.