best voip service app

One Phone Number for All Your Numbers

Google Voice assigns you a new free phone number and integrates it with powerful telephone enhancing features and a contact management system. This phone number acts as a hub for all your other phone numbers. You can accept text messages online, read your voice-mails, and direct calls to your current numbers based on predefined rules you assign.
Best app for mobile payments

Google Wallet: Better than a Wallet?

A day where you will no longer need a wallet is coming. You can already make one-click mobile payments with Google Wallet, an Android app. The service aims to be better than a wallet by allowing you to store credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards in the cloud for use via your smartphone.
Google Wallet

Google Wallet Competition: Fortune 500 Companies Go to War with Google

Google Wallet‘s clear lead in mobile payments is making many Fortune 500 companies uncomfortable. Google Wallet competition is pretty much everyone. Cell phone carriers are blocking the company’s mobile payment app. Many of the nation’s largest retailers are refusing to take Google Wallet payments. This is to buy time. Everyone is working on their own mobile payment processing app while they stall Google Wallet. To become the de facto standard for mobile payment processing, Google Wallet needs a miracle.
Best Free Music Storage Site

Google Music

Google Music is a cloud media player. It allows you to upload your songs and play them anywhere. You can also buy songs through their store.