Jet Logo is Cheaper Than Amazon

Jet is relatively new contender in the eCommerce space. The company launched in 2015.Business Insider In late 2015, Jet secured over $560 million dollars.Crunchbase In early 2016, that number jumped to $700 million and the company was valued at $1.5 billion.Forbes So what’s all the fuss about?

Jet: Cheaper Than Amazon
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Jet Beats Amazon’s Prices

In a cost-analysis by Boomerang Commerce, they proved that Jet is cheaper than Amazon. They compared the prices of the 100 most popular products in nine different categories. Jet beat the prices of Amazon 81% of the time.CNBC

In a price comparison that TIME did, they saved $33.30 on a $87.67 order (bringing their price to $54.37). It is not uncommon to see savings of up to 50% at

Jet allows you to get prices even cheaper if you waive your right to return the item and use a debit card instead of a credit card.

Cheaper Than Amazon? What About Free Shipping?

Amazon’s Prime membership which allows free 2-day shipping costs $99/year. offers that for free. They used to charge $49.99/year but now offer free 2-day shipping for orders over $35 that are shipped by their fulfillment center. Albeit, orders that are not shipped by their fulfillment center can take 5 or more business days to arrive and will not have free shipping.

Also, in a blog post comparing Amazon, Jet, and Wal-Mart, they mention that Jet has stellar customer service.

Where Does Amazon Beat Jet?

Amazon has some nifty features that a new-comer like Jet simply can not compete with including their 2 hour deliveries (more about Amazon) and vast product catalog. Jet’s product catalog looks puny when compared to Amazon’s ~500 million products in the US alone.Export-X

Amazon is Still Here to Stay

You simply can not replace Amazon with Jet (yet). Your best bet is to do some price comparisons when purchasing generic items to find out where Jet is cheaper than Amazon. Save even more by checking out deals on