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Best Funny Blog is All it is Cracked Up To Be

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It is ALL it’s CRACKED up to be

So you’re in your office, bored out of your mind because you finished your paperwork early and have time to kill. You look over to your computer and decide to read a really fun post from the best funny blog you can find online. But, what blog would that be? That would definitely be

It’s wide popularity among netizens sprung forth from it’s posted lists marked by cleverness, humor, entertaining pictures and a whole lot of great information. Some of its popular topics include Boobs (yes, this is serious), Zombies, Hipsters, Urban Legends, and Skyrim. That’s not half of it, though.

Categories and Content

Cracked is the best funny blog online, having contents and topics that intrigue the intellect, the soul and maybe a few bodily hormones. You’ll find that the categories range from Music to Movies, from History to Science, from Sports to the Weird World and etc. These categories make it easy for netizens to find the topics that tickle their fancy.

Navigating to the forums, to the articles, to the videos and to other major search categories is also easy thanks to more clickables that you can see at the top of the website. It’s the best funny blog and it also might be the most organized.

Other than their regular posts, they also feature themed content every now and then. See anything interesting on top of the major search categories? That would be it! Cracked currently has two: Horror on Cracked and 125 Facts schools don’t want you to learn. They also have a book out! This book gives you lists of facts — in a friendly tone at that — that can potentially burst your happy bubble.

Now that’s one reason why they are the best funny blog online.

Answers to Mysteries of the Universe

All thanks to Cracked contributors, we non-science people can now understand a few of the mysteries that the universe and our subconscious have kept. Despite Cracked being the best funny blog on the internet, it could also potentially be better than a text book. You might actually learn something after reading an article! So why waste time mindlessly surfing through the internet when you can enrich your knowledge by going on Cracked.