Upvoted A Redditorial Publication

Upvoted Features Articles on Trending Topics from Reddit

We found Upvoted because it was an editor’s pick on DailyTekk’s The best, most-interesting websites of 2016. The Reddit-owned, WordPress-powered blog features articles on trending topics from Reddit. Most articles feature an editorial which includes quotes from the Reddit site. The site’s tagline is, “A Redditorial Publication.”

Trending Topics from Reddit
Screenshot of the Upvoted homepage

They sort all their content by topic. They also have sections dedicated to Podcasts and Videos.

WIRED points out that Upvoted is essentially an experiment of Reddit’s. They are looking to grow. On their homepage, they have a link for advertisers. The site will not have banner ads but will instead have featured posts where advertisers can hire someone from Upvoted’s editorial team to write about their product or service.

WIRED also points out that the site does not allow comments. They also mention that, contrary to the name Upvoted, there will be no voting on the website.

Article on trending topics from Reddit
Upvoted article screenshot

Is Upvoted Worth Your Time?

If you like Reddit, chances are you will like Upvoted. The site is similar to our website in some ways. They take a popular thread, summarize it, and add the content they think is juiciest to their “Redditorial”. The only caveat is that you miss out on the troll commentators, the backbone of Reddit’s popularity. Regardless, Upvoted is worth a peek if you are looking for trending topics from Reddit.