Best Social Networking Sites

Share interests with pictures on your own “pinboard”

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website. It lets you share interests with pictures. The site keeps it simple. You can post images to your pinboard that you find interesting. You can also add short descriptions to the pictures and add them to custom collections. Your posts can be related to articles you are interested in, a picture you liked, an event you want to attend, or anything really.

Check out your friend’s “pinboard”

You can browse through other people’s pinboards. If you like something on their pinboard, you can re-pin it to your own pinboard. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting”. You might even want to use Pinterest to save websites that you like on this website. Create a category called ‘TheBestSites’ and then use the Pinterest share button at the top of all our articles. The articles will be saved with the logo thumbnail along with a short description of the website.

One of the fastest growing social networks

Simple works. Pinterest is currently the third most visited social network. This is surprising. A year ago you probably did not even know what Pinterest is. The genius behind Pinterest is its simplicity. It helps you keep an organized board of your interests. It sticks to the point and does not over bloat the service with unnecessary features.

Still waiting on an Android app

Pinterest already has an app for the iPhone. Android users are still waiting for an app. Rumors suggest that a Pinterest app for Android is coming soon. Pinterest for Android is expected launch at Google I/O’s developer conference. Until then you Android users will have to share interests with pictures on their website.