Unroll.me is a nifty service that connects to your e-mail and helps you manage your e-mail subscriptions. After connecting your e-mail, Unroll.me will show you a list of all the e-mail subscriptions you have. You can then go through the list and either unsubscribe, keep, or roll up the subscription.

Screenshot of Unroll.me

Rolling up is Unroll.me’s answer for people who are overwhelmed with e-mail but don’t want to unsubscribe to all their newsletter subscriptions. Any subscription you roll up will be added to a daily e-mail that Unroll.me sends you which includes all the e-mails you rolled up.

How Unroll.me Handles the Unsubscribe Process

When you unsubscribe from an e-mail subscription using Unroll.me, the following happens:

  • Unroll.me automatically deletes all e-mail received by the sender
  • After 24 hours, Unroll.me automatically tries to unsubscribe you from the e-mail using the sender’s unsubscribe instructions

How Unroll.me Makes a Profit

Unroll.me is a completely free service. They make money by scanning through your e-mails for advertising data. They are very clear on their website and say:

As a means of keeping our service free, Slice Technologies, which owns Unroll.Me, measures e-commerce through a technology that automatically recognizes commercial emails and extracts purchase information from them. Our technology is designed to ignore personal email, which does not help us measure market trends.

Slice strips away personal information– your name, email, address, anything that could identify you – to build anonymized market research products that analyze and track consumer trends. We respect your privacy and don’t share your receipts, emails or any of your personal information with our clients as part of our business model.

Unroll.me came under heat when it was reported that they were selling Lyft e-mails to Uber. This is perhaps why they have the prominent disclaimer on how they stay profitable.