Here’s the best of Twitter so far

It seems that everyone is on Twitter today. As a matter of fact this social network has become so popular that chances are you will feel so out of place if you are not on it. Everyone keeps talking about the trending topic, what is happening here and there, hash tags, Twitter handles and so many other interesting stuff that are bound to get you interested. Let’s face it, before we ever came to learn of Twitter, a lot of us never even knew what the # symbol was called, or what it could be used to do. Thanks to Twitter, things are so clearer now.

Understanding the common stuff

People have Twitter handles denoted by the @ symbol and you can start and maintain your own community. If you want to be able to get updates from a particular person or an organization, all you need to do is to follow them and then you will be able to be in the know about all their activities. If they follow you back, you even go the extra mile of being able to send them a DM. DM is a direct mail that is not displayed on the timeline for all to see, and through it you can share explicit details with the person you are conversing with.
The # or the hash tag as we know it, refers to a common topic. In the event that you are looking to discuss something and you might want any like-minded persons to discuss it with you, you can put a hash tag to it, and anyone interested can join your discussion, without having to be friends with you. Let’s say you are talking of an election. You can use the hash tag #election2013 and anyone with similar ideas will be able to discuss the same with you.

Keeping out the bad

Definitely, where there are lots of people there are bound to be a few mad men, or more. If by any chance there is someone stalking you or sending you abusive tweets or anything that you do not deem appropriate, you can always mark them for spam, or alternatively block them and report them to Twitter so that they can follow through and get to investigate the Twitter account in question. This is important because pretty much everyone can follow anyone.

Important tools

There are several important tools on Twitter that have come to be quite useful today. Some of these are tools embedded in Twitter, while others are tools that are designed in other programs that you can either run on Twitter or alongside Twitter. Some of these tools are also available as apps that you can use either on your computer or even on your tablet PC or smartphone. Therefore it is important to learn about them too, and how you can get the best out of them.

Hootsuite® for Twitter
This is one of the best tools on the internet so far. The reason for this is that it is designed to give the companies some placement on the internet in a way that has never been witnessed before. It does not matter whether or not the company is already on the internet, what you have to appreciate is that this tool allows you to connect to as many management procedures as possible. Through this tool you can market your business to all the major social networks and also get to engage other like-minded persons.

Well, Twitter is about sharing, and sharing is caring, so they say. With this particular app you will be able to share photos with your friends and followers so easily. This tool comes already embedded on the Twitter engine, and therefore you need not worry about installing it anywhere. All you have to do is to take photos and upload them to Twitter, and you will be god to go.

There is no better way of getting to know what other related users are tweeting. This way it will be so easier for you to remain in the know in as far as the news content is concerned. Therefore you will never be left behind at all.

Tweetdeck is quite the revelation. This one allows you the chance of being able to send your tweets or Facebook content from one page. Besides that, you can also get to not just update from both social platforms, but you can actually comment and follow the proceedings from one page without having to close or shift tabs to get a better view.

Tweetdeck has as a matter of fact been designed in such a way that today there are even versions that are usable on smartphones too. You need to take note however that this one is an app on its own, and for you to use it you will have to download it separately.