Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a browser based screen sharing and audio conferencing tool that is easy to use. The configuration is quite simple with the application’s focus on ease of use.

Start Screen Sharing on Chrome or Firefox

To share your screen with Dead Simple Screensharing, you’ll need Chrome of Firefox. They do not support screen sharing with IE. If you’re on Chrome, you will need to install their Chrome extension to get started with screen sharing. If you’re using Firefox, you don’t need an extension.

To start a conference, you just need to click the Dead Simple Screensharing extension icon in the tool bar for Chrome, and click on the “Host a Meeting” button. On Firefox, you can just go to their website and click “Start a Meeting”.

Once you have started your meeting, you’ll have the option to invite people via e-mail or by sharing a link. Your viewers will not need to install an extension.

They offer the service for free. However, you can opt for a paid plan if you want features like the ability to record your meetings or access to their API.

Using the free service, your first three meetings are uncapped and then after that you’re limited to 15 minute conferences. You can get around this by clearing your cache/cookies.