There are several contenders in the used-electronics auction site space. Most people are familiar with eBay and Amazon. You could list your products there but you may have better luck at a specialty shop such as Glyde. The site works out well for both buyers and sellers but more so for sellers. Instead of buying your electronic equipment like Gazelle does, the site acts as a middle-man and connects the buyer with the seller. Tom’s Guide reports Glyde offering $288 when Gazelle offered $177 for a used iPhone.

Since you don’t have to upload photos of your electronics, the buyers are less inclined to be deterred by scratches (they purchase knowing that scratches and signs of use will be present). Swagga is another alternative to Glyde that forces sellers to upload photos. If your phone/tablet is in mint condition, you may want to sell it at Swagga where you can show off pics and earn slightly more according to an article at MakeUseOf.

Glyde earns its spot on our site though with its best-in-class user interface. It’s not particularly good but it beats the competition. It also provides a unique service for sellers. They make the the selling process extremely easy. They even send sellers out a shipping kit to make the process even easier.

So, although Glyde may be the best place to sell your old electronics, it is not necessarily the best place to buy electronics. You can’t see pictures of the item, the price will not be a steal, and there are bad reviews scattered across the internet from buyers. This may be in part due to Glyde not doing enough to keep bad sellers off their site.