Clipping Magic is an online web app that allows you to make the background of images transparent. It started off as a free service but is now a full-fledged pay-for service. Pricing starts at $3.99/month for 15 images.

The app takes a common task that requires some technical know-how in Photoshop into a task that anyone can complete. To make a background transparent, you have to upload your photo into their online web app. Then you have to mark the background with a red marker and mark what you want to keep with a green marker. Clipping Magic takes care of the rest. If it doesn’t work out the first time, you may have to take a look at their tutorials.

Clipping Magic is more than just an online tool. They feature an API and also a JavaScript embed so you can utilize their service inside your own web app. The pricing is a bit steeper for these features.

It’s a shame the service isn’t free but until a freemium competitor arises Clipping Magic will have a spot on our website.

There may be one free, easy-to-use contender. However, I didn’t have much luck with it when I tried it out. It’s called Background Burner.