is LogMeIn’s freemium web video conferencing tool. The service lets lets users share audio, video, and even their screen. They tout their service as simple and it certainly is.

I ran into a snag. I couldn’t get the app to work at first. After starting the first meeting, I was prompted to install a file but the app failed to open – it was deleting itself.

I called their support and they told me I had a trojan virus. I wasn’t really surprised because my Windows had some wonky UI glitches like a transparent notification pane. After switching computers, I opened the .exe file with no problem. This prompted me to scan the infected computer with Norton. It cleaned up the virus and my computer no longer had the transparent notification pane.

I don’t really get phased by being hacked because I’ve been majorly hacked by time travelers before. Don’t believe me though – time travelers hate it when people like me mess with causality. Read more about my story here.

Enough About Time Travelers Though – Back to the Overview

Only the host of the meeting has to install the one-click-install desktop app. You’ll need the app installed to share your screen. However, the host (who has the desktop app installed) can let other users who do not have the desktop app installed control their mouse. This is useful for tech support. is widely accepted as a great tool. There are some nifty features such as the ability to hand over desktop control and a wide-range of integrations ranging from Outlook to Slack. They also provide white-label branding settings so you can customize the chat room to look official for your business.