The typical hotel finder only includes results that they get paid to show. All The Rooms takes a different approach. They aggregate as many results as possible. Their search engine combines results from pretty much any room finding service that offers an API. This is why their search includes results from alternative-type rooms from services like Airbnb.

In a search for rooms in NYC, a search was done on TripAdvisor and All The Rooms to compare the services. TripAdvisor generated about 3,000 results. All The Rooms generated over 13,000 results. Like their name implies, All The Rooms really does do a good job at finding as many rooms as possible.

What about price though? All The Rooms did not match up to TripAdvisor’s prices for the New York Hilton in Midtown. All The Rooms generated a price of $375 and TripAdvisor generated a price of $286. That’s quite a difference. Granted, the result we compared was featured in TripAdvisor’s “Best Value” section.

All The Rooms still deserves a spot on The Best Sites. Alongside the hotels that are priced at the default level are results from hostels and private rentals. These results are likely to be the same across all room booking services (in terms of price). The service does a great job at showing you exactly what’s available. It might pay off to use the service in areas where the results are scarce on other hotel websites.

According to an e-mail we received from All The Rooms:

Customers can conduct a customizable search and receive a list of every single room available. Whether a hammock in the Caribbean, a flat in NYC, or a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, we’ve got it. Customers book with ease, knowing that they have found the perfect place to stay anywhere in the world.

In the e-mail, they also noted that they have been featured in an article on The New York Times.