Earth Class Mail broke into the digital snail mail business over a decade ago. They offer a service that gives their end users an address to one of their facilities where they open and scan your mail. You can then view the scanned mail with their app. If you see a piece of mail that you want opened and scanned, you would pay about a dollar to have them open the mail and then scan it into their app. It looked promising for them back then since they were able to secure approximately $25 million in funding from angel investors and the like. They gained popularity because at the time they were offering the service for only $15/month.

Earth Class Mail went bankrupt in recent years and came under new ownership. They then jacked up the price to $50/month for their residential service which includes 10 pieces of scanned mail per month. It’s $99/month for their more usable Professional plan which includes unlimited scans (within reason). Users were not pleased with the price increase. One person even created a blog dedicated to bashing Earth Class Mail.

There are cheaper alternatives to Earth Class Mail which include PostScan Mail and Traveling Mailbox. However, we gave Earth Class Mail a spot on The Best Sites because they were the only virtual mailbox service without a horrendous looking website. They also offer features such as check deposits and an upcoming API.

On their homepage they feature logos of businesses that use the service. The logos include those of Lyft and Reddit. Their service has been featured in many mainstream publications. The New York times has a somewhat dated review of Earth Class Mail.