It wasn’t a long time ago, I remember, that I was reading about internet marketing. I came across a certain website which is generally regarded as the best website flipping service, which surprisingly, stands true to its claims. There are some strings attached, of course. So let us review this website called Flippa, and find out what it has to offer in the growing market of website and domain flipping.

Overview of Flippa

Find attractive deals on FLippa
Find attractive deals on Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace where you can buy and sell websites, domains, and apps.  Based in Melbourne and San Francisco, it has been around since 2009 – over seven years. Its trade value by 2015 in websites, domain names, and mobile applications crossed the figure of $140 million.

Attractive Deals

Flippa has a large catalogue of blogs and websites, and domain names. They are placed by owners who are willing to sell them – the price is decided through bidding; the highest bidder gets the cake. The editor’s choice section displays some of the deals which may seem mouth-watering, and could actually be; but it is always advisable to do background research on your requirements, niche, and expectations before hitting the purchase button. Here’s a great article on se

Here’s a great article on selling a website on Flippa.

You know what you are buying

Flippa makes most of the sales through selling websites. When you click at a deal, you get an overview page of the blog which displays various insightful details, some being Google page rank, traffic, and financials (how the blog makes money). These stats are not vague, but descriptive and verified.

The seller often writes about the website in details which is quite helpful in deciding on the purchase. You can also contact the seller. You can place the desired bid and grab the deal – real quick, with Escrow protection.

Efficient Search Function

What I particularly like about Flippa is its search feature. Now, you have a certain idea, a vague idea in your head – you may want the domain to be 2-3 years old, monthly unique visitors to be more than 50,000, and say you may also want the website to be making more than $5,000 per month through Google Adsense and Amazon – no problem. You can feed these specific details into the search option and wait for the results to pop up. The results will be relevant to your needs.

Apps to Watch Out For

It is true that website trading juices up the most on Flippa. However, if you head over to the Apps section, you will find a bunch of handy apps which you can buy to your wish and make something great out of it. Here’s an often not talked about a secret that many know – you can buy apps from there, work on them, and make it a hit in the stores.

You Get Buyer Protection With Flippa Escrow

Yes, your transactions are safe and promised on Flippa with Flippa Escrow. The Flippa Blog talks about it as:

Sellers can select Flippa Escrow as a payment method for their sale. Making payment via Flippa Escrow follows these three simple steps:

  • Buyer makes payment
    The buyer securely transfers the agreed amount to the escrow vault via credit card or wire, where it is locked away for safekeeping.
  • Seller delivers assets to buyer
    As per the agreed terms between the buyer and seller, the seller delivers the digital asset/s to the buyer.
  • Seller is paid
    The buyer is satisfied and releases the agreed amount from escrow, which is transferred to the seller’s nominated bank or PayPal account.

This feature warms your soul up when you are making your first purchase, thus increasing the buy’s credibility and security.

Three Valuable Tips for Buying Websites on Flippa

website marketplace flippa
An organised marketplace

Well, the buying process is not always a walk in the park. You must watch out for the credibility of the deal. Here are three tips that can land you a great deal.

Identify your needs

This is perhaps the most important part. You may come across a deal which may look too good to miss. No! Plan to buy something that you are willing to work on – whatever the purpose may be. Often have I come across projects that have grown stale due to negligence.

Communicate with the seller

Yes, you should not just select a website and buy it. Send a private message to the seller with all the questions that you have about the website, traffic, its finances, and others. If you get a satisfying reply, the deal may be a right fit.

Ask for a video walkthrough

You must ask for a video walkthrough of the website and its features while the deal in finalized. This will give you strong evidence that what is showcased is real, and you won’t be acquiring something which doesn’t suit your desired purpose.

So these were some of the features of Flippa, which makes it our choice for the best website flipping service.  Flippa can be a great aid if you want to step into the eventful website-domain flipping business. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know through the comments section below.