The internet music scene is saturated to say the least. I don’t mean that in a bad way either. There are dozens of premium, high-quality apps that can intelligently select music for you. Everyone eventually finds their favorite music app and falls in love. One popular choice is Spotify. Another is 8tracks. And another is Pandora. What about people looking for dope electronic mash-ups though?

This review features another music website for those who haven’t fallen in love yet. The website: The Hype Machine. The genre: electronic mash-ups (for the most part). It is arguably the best music blog aggregator. What exactly is that? It is a website that collects music that is currently being talked about on their hand-picked list of 701 music blogs.Hype Machine About

How They Filter Dope Electronic Mash-Ups

After the music is aggregated, the music is put to a vote. Users are presented with the option of liking music by clicking on a heart icon next to the track. The tracks that are loved the most are then featured on their popular list.

You have to be logged in to heart a track. Once you are logged in, the tracks you heart are saved to your favorites list. They also have a few other features like the ability to add friends, your listen history, and your obsessions list. The obsessions list is a pretty neat feature. It ends up being a list of tracks you listen to constantly. Check out my obsessions list. Better yet, check out my favorites sorted by number of hearts.

My Favorite Song I Found on The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine gives due credit to the music blogs that it is powered by. Underneath each track, you will see a description from one of the music blogs the song was featured on as well as a link to a list of all the music blogs that featured the song.


Oh yeah. The Hype Machine is on SoundCloud and Spotify too. We also made a 8tracks list featuring songs with 10k+ likes.