Wallhalla is a website that’s practically unknown. I found the site when reading Mashable’s article titled, “The Best 15 Websites, According to Reddit”. The article linked out to a website called Wallbase but I was redirected to Wallhalla.

I was pleasantly surprised by the modern UI of the site, something I look for when finding sites to add to thebestsites.com. Upon entry to the site, you’ll be greeted with a search bar, options to view random and popular wallpapers, along with a grid of wallpapers below the search bar.

After searching for a wallpaper, you’ll be presented with another grid of wallpapers that match your search results and filters that can help you hone down your search results. The filters include options like lumosity, resolution, aspect ratio, and date of upload.

Wallhalla is Wallpaper Aggregator Site

Upon further inspection, you’ll realize that Wallhalla does not actually host the wallpapers itself. It aggregates the search results of other wallpaper sites and presents them with their slick UI. The two sites that it appears to be aggregating from are Wallhaven and AlphaCoders.

One thing that is missing from the site is a categorized directory of wallpaper. Granted, the wallpapers do have tags which help the search engine with its results. “View Similar Wallpapers” is a nice feature that worked well when testing it out.

In the sea of wallpaper sites, Wallhalla is certainly a gem. But is it the ultimate wallpaper site? Probably not.