As freelance work evolves into the new standard, the number of freelancers has witnessed a sharp rise over the past couple of years.  A groundbreaking study carried out by the independent research firm Edelman Berland found that more than 53 million people are doing freelance work in the United States alone. This means that 34 percent or one third of the total US workforce has already ditched the old style of working.

The freelancing trend is gaining even more momentum, thanks to the freedom it offers and the fun it adds to the way people work.  Many people are catching on to the lure of freelance work as a permanent career and to be their own bosses. There are others who are working as freelancers during their free time to be able to pay their bills or get access to better career prospects.

About 50 percent of the entire US workforce will be doing some sort of freelance work by 2020 as a result of a boost in the freelance culture,, according to estimates.freelance workAs the digital nomad lifestyle becomes hipper, the resources available for freelancers have increased in number and improved in quality. Today, 77 percent of the US freelancers think the best days are yet ahead for them. However, despite the improvements, many freelancers and potential freelancers are finding it hard to find the best freelance work website.

A good freelance work website should not only have better functionalities, but also offer freelancers better opportunities for earning and professional grooming of the freelancers.

We sliced and diced the most popular freelance work websites, and it turns out that Upwork is the best freelance work website.  Almost all existing freelancers on the site get access to better opportunities. Additionally, new freelancers get relatively better facilitation to kick start their new work style on Upwork.

What makes Upwork the best freelance work site?

freelance workUpwork boasts a record of delighted clients and freelancers. Born out of the merger of Elance and oDesk, today Upwork is the biggest freelance work platform in the world. With 2,700+ skills available on the website, it attracts millions of clients from across the world.

Upwork puts the total work done on the site per year at a whooping $1 billion. The most noteworthy fact is 90 percent of the clients on Upwork prefer to establish long-term engagements with website to find freelance workIt is worth noting here that 9 million freelancers are currently serving 1.5 million clients on Upwork. Clients are attracted to the website by the wide range of skills available on the site.  In addition, the site’s functionalities and features help clients easily find the skills they are seeking. Upwork will release its skills index on July 7, 2016, which will show the most in-demand skills on the site.

Freelancers prefer Upwork because it has something for almost every freelancer. Some examples of the opportunities available on Upwork include virtual assistance, animations, SEO, web development, writing and programming. There are two major types of jobs available on the website: fixed price and hourly jobs.

Unlike most other freelance work sites, Upwork does not vet or screen freelancers for clients. The website leaves it to the client to interview their potential providers and decide who to hire.

In a nutshell, the freelance culture is flourishing and Upwork is so far the best freelance work website.  Since the website boasts the largest number of clients, freelancers have access to bid on more and better opportunities.  Its unique features and functionalities facilitate clients and freelancers to communicate and work seamlessly.