Torrents. Oh, torrents. People are going to jail, left and right for hosting Torrent websites. But we are left with the question, “Which is the best torrent website to use?” That, my friends, (at least in my humble opinion) is ThePirateBay. For starters, the high-profile torrent website has a ridiculously awesome logo. But what we really like about this website is that their jailed founders plan to keep their torrents up until the bitter end. They even said they would fly robot drone servers in the sky if need be. That way, “law enforcement won’t be able to seize their machines without committing overtly aggressive acts such as firing the flying servers down with anti-aircraft weaponry.”Mashable

Skip this Section if You Already Know How Torrents Work

Torrents allow you to download anything. They are a way of providing high speed downloads for anything. They work like this:

  • 1. Someone with a file they want to share creates a torrent file and uploads it to ThePirateBay (or some other torrent tracking website)
  • 2. People download that torrent and use a torrent program like uTorrent to start downloading the file from the person who is “seeding” the torrent (AKA the person who uploaded the torrent)
  • 3. At first, people can only download from the person who uploaded that file
  • 4. As people download the file, the data they have is also shared with other people downloading using the torrent (these people are called seeders)
  • 5. As more and more people download the torrent and become seeders, the file download speed is increased because people downloading the torrent can download from many different seeders at the same time

ThePirateBay’s Founders are in the Coolest Jail Ever

Since the users of the torrent are the ones uploading and downloading information, torrent websites avoid being guilty of copyright infringement. But that does not matter, every major corporation with content on ThePirateBay is totally pissed. They are so pissed that they somehow managed to get one of the co-founders jailed without any charges.

Luckily, that co-founder along with the other founders get to spend their time in an ultra-posh Swedish jail. Soft lighting and modern furniture are just the start of what Gizmodo says is a prison that is better than your life. Perhaps IKEA, the swedish furniture maker, has some involvement. Regardless, our new retirement plan is to move to Sweden and commit a crime.

But enough about the founders, let’s talk about the website. ThePirateBay is the best torrent website because it just is. Their home page starts you off with a simple interface that might remind you of Google’s home page. They even include a “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

Just like Google, you can type in pretty much anything and get a landslide of results. Sort by seeds and bam you’re downloading the latest high definition episode of your favorite TV show or movie. Browse through the torrents and you will see that you can download music, games, applications, porn, pictures, audiobooks, and just about any other type of digital content you can imagine.

People generally upload seeds for entire albums but with a little work you can download individual songs too using the album torrent.

That’s all for this post, will definitely come back and add more soon. Remember to keep safe guys! We recommend not downloading software or any type of .exe off of torrent websites unless you absolutely trust the uploader of the torrent. If you are looking to download torrent files securely check out this article on 5 Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously.

Also, it is incredibly easy to be fooled by the advertisements at ThePirateBay.