Ever spend hours on a presentation only to have it trumped by some geek with a 2.5D presentation? Now with this free and easy-to-use presentation tool you can get the same positive attention that geek gets. This tool is so out-of-the-ballpark-awesome that we have to crown it as the best presentation app. Forbes even says, “If you don’t know Prezi, it’s time you did.”Forbes

Meet the Best Presentation App

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation app that uses a zoomable canvas to make exploring ideas fun. Using a ZUI (Zoomable User Interface), Prezi helps you connect with your audience and capture their attention.

By panning and zooming on your presentation canvas, your audience can make connections intuitively and visualize data. You can also zoom out to give your audience a birds eye view of your presentation. This will give your audience the “big picture” of your presentation. And since Prezi is Adobe Flash powered, you can use the best presentation app almost anywhere.

PowerPoint Integration and Online Collaboration

Using PowerPoint and do not want to switch? No problem. Prezi integrates with PowerPoint. You can build your presentations using PowerPoint and then import them with Prezi to get the same satisfying 2.5D product you get using their web app.

Once your PowerPoint is Prezified you can present your presentation over the web. You can also invite someone to edit it in the cloud or share a link to your presentation with a friend.

Best Presentation App ZUI
Screenshot walk through of Prezi’s ZUI editor – it takes the headache out of making polished 2.5D presentations.
Best Presentation App Growing Fast
Infographic that shows how fast the popularity of Prezi is growing.

By nature, Prezi is easy to use. Their user interface is intuitive. However, they go above and beyond. They offer you a learning center complete with a short video tutorial series, support community, and even free live webinars. This makes Prezi the best presentation app and the easiest presentation app to use.

First Video in their Tutorial Series: Getting Started with Prezi

Prezi Uses a Freemium Platform

Prezi uses a freemium business model just like the best website for high quality videos, the best website for music playlists, and a new service that allows you to combine all your cloud storage services.

The software is completely free. But, you have to pay if you do not want your presentation to be publicly available on the Prezi website. Prezi will have a comprehensive collection of resources one day, another reason we think it is the best presentation app.

Premium Users Get a Desktop App, Better Support and White Labeling

Prezi Pricing Chart
Chart shows the differences between plans. Power users can opt for paid-plans that bring features such as a desktop app and white label branding to the table.