There are hundreds of gaming news sites spread out across the Internet. We made a list of the top 10 gaming news sites you should follow just in case you’re having trouble picking one. IGN is probably the most popular gaming news site. They receive an overwhelming amount of traffic daily from their thousands of articles.

IGN has diversified its coverage since it first launched a couple decades ago. Although video games are their focus, IGN also covers film, TV, comics, tech, and more. What makes us say that IGN is the best gaming news site?

The Best Gaming News Site

Best Gaming News Site

It can be slightly overwhelming to open up IGN in your browser or on your phone. Make sure to hit the “browse” button if you’re looking for a specific section of the website, like PS4 or movies. IGN has content stretching back 20 years that you can access. They provide coverage in several forms:

News: IGN breaks recent news stories almost every day so you can stay up to date with the gaming industry.

Previews and Reviews: IGN is known for their reviews of games, movies, TV shows and more. They score games and movies on a scale of 1-10 and typically provide video reviews in addition to their written reviews.

Features: Writers at IGN have the most freedom when writing features, which are often opinion pieces. You can also find exclusive interviews with people in the industry, top 10 lists, video game history, and more.

Live Events: IGN sends out their writers to attend media events around the world, including E3 and San Diego Comic Con. You can expect them to stream video of their coverage while they’re at most of these events.

Wiki Guides: Wikis are co-edited by members in the IGN community and include game information, walkthroughs, tips, and FAQs.

What Else Does IGN Offer?

Best Gaming News Site

There are numerous ways to take advantage of IGN’s diverse coverage:IGN App: You can download the IGN Entertainment app on either your iPhone or Android devices for easy to read access.IGN Prime: The IGN Prime membership offers access to betas of unreleased games, no ads on the website and apps, and a free indie game giveaway every month. There are several plans available, with the yearly plan settling at around $30.

The IGN Show: IGN launched their own TV show in 2017, exclusively on Disney XD. The show covers most of what the website does, but has exclusive giveaways and features.

Podcasts: There are a few podcasts dedicated to game companies, including a PlayStation podcast named Podcast Beyond. The podcasts feature editors from IGN along with occasional guests from the gaming industry.

IGN’s History

Best Gaming News Site

IGN is one of the longest lasting video games news sites on the Internet. The website began its life as back in 1996 and transitioned to at the turn of the century.

Many of IGN’s employees have moved on to other areas in the gaming industry. Some of them have even gone as far as working for Nintendo or making video games themselves.

So what do you think about IGN and its coverage? Do you think that IGN is the best gaming news site or do you have another favorite?