One of the most densely populated countries in the world (over 1 billion people), it’s necessary for India to have its own online presence. You can find many Indian websites in English as well as Hindi, so you don’t have to speak the country’s language to learn about them and how they entertain themselves. These are the top entertainment sites in India, based on popularity and quality. Although not all of them are Indian in origin, they cover India’s entertainment culture in some fashion. 261052

India is perhaps most well-known for its film industry, which is often called Bollywood (similar to Hollywood). covers everything that is happening in the industry, including celebrity news, film releases, box office results, and more. You can rely on this website for all your Bollywood news without having to visit another site if you’re limited on time.

Apniisp 190784

This website covers music and film primarily through articles and embedded videos. Apniisp’s focus on film and celebrity news through interviews and editorials offers a unique look at Indian entertainment. The exclusive content and streamlined setup makes Apniisp one of the top entertainment sites in India.

YouTube 2

Although many countries have their YouTube equivalents, YouTube is still widely used. India is no different, with many of their videos hosted on the popular video streaming site. There are plenty videos about India on YouTube, but also many channels that stream content for Indians. Here are some great channels that you should check out if you’re wanting to immerse yourself in the Indian culture.

  1. VEVO India – Sony Music hosts this channel on Indian music releases, with music videos on popular Indian music. Head here for recent releases and also for songs uploaded up to 7 years ago.
  2. Aaj Tak – This channel covers news on all sorts of topics, including entertainment and sports. Videos on this channel are in the Hindi language.
  3. India Today – This channel covers every aspect of Indian culture and news through their videos. You can visit their website for written stories and opinions.
  4. Tech Tak – All about technology, Tech Tak brings you the latest developments as soon as they can. They have first impressions, reviews, previews, and more.

Hungama 8226

Hungama is similar to iTunes in that it sells music, videos, and shows to consumers. Their Hungama Play app functions as the center for their diverse content. You can rent movies and download music if you find something that catches your eye. The website also functions as a media player, so you don’t have to leave to enjoy the content.

Zapak 102948

Zapak is India’s go-to website for all types of games that you can play on your computer. The flash and browser games should keep you entertained if you’re not willing to pay actual money for other games. Many of the games that are featured were made specifically for Zapak, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Gaana 1133

Gaana is a music service that includes both Indian and foreign music on the same site. It’s the place you need to go if you’re even a little interested in Indian music or just curious about what type of music is popular in the country. Gaana lets you queue music and make playlists that you can share with family and friends.

India Glitz 20616

India Glitz covers all types of Indian cinema, as well as everything surrounding their production and release. You’ll find news on every aspect of film making, but also on what’s happening in the world. Keep your browser locked to India Glitz for news and reviews on all the latest from Bollywood and beyond.

So that finishes off our list of the top entertainment sites in India. We found Gaana and Apniisp to stand out from the others in terms of their quality and usefulness. Just keeping these two sites on your radar will let you stay on top of much of India’s entertainment industry.

We would love to hear about what Indian sites you enjoy visiting and what you think about the ones we provided. Sound off in the comments and let us know!