You needed to hire a website designer a few years ago if you were going to have your own site. Since then, dozens of free website creation services have sprung up on the Internet. These services provide several ways to create your own website, with premium options also available. Some of these services are higher quality than the rest, so we made a list of the top 5 free website creation services.

Weebly 387

Most website creation services are very similar in the way they let you go about designing your own site. You usually begin the process by picking from a large selection of pre-made website templates. Weebly was one of the first services to introduce the drag & drop feature into the website creation world. The guided process makes it easy for users without coding experience to produce a good looking and high functioning website. Weebly also boasts powerful ecommerce and marketing tools that users can take advantage of.

WordPress 64

WordPress is one of the most widely used tools for creating custom blogs. The level of support and the customization options available to the user make it incredibly appealing. WordPress is great even if you decide not to make a blog centered website because of its flexibility. The Best Sites itself uses WordPress as the tool of choice for designing and maintaining the website.

Wix 435

Building a website in Wix is made easy with the use of its Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which will ask you a few questions in order to tailor a custom website based on your answers. It then walks you through a tutorial to make sure you know how to customize your site properly. Wix also uses “apps,” which are used to customize the functionality of your website, similar to plugins on WordPress.

Yola 52139

The process of creating websites on Yola is really similar to Weebly’s own process. You drag and drop elements within the website editor in order to customize the look of your pages. Yola has a tutorial section where you can learn more about building websites with their editor. The website claims that you can create and publish your first website in under 30-minutes. They offer both monthly and yearly premium plans with extra features such as unlimited bandwidth and premium support.

Website Builder 70750

Website Builder has you start out by picking a template which you can preview before you begin editing. Once you’re in the editor, you can customize your website through a series of options made available through tabs. There are some elements that you can drag into the page and resize however you see fit. There are thousands of templates available through Website Builder, each of them easily customizable.